Magisk v25.2 released to the Stable Channel (Download)

A new version of Magisk, Magisk 25.2 is now available in the stable channel. Last month the Magisk developer, John Wu released a major Magisk version 25.0 followed by a small update Magisk 25.1. And about a month later a new Magisk update is here as Magisk v25.2. There have been a lot of improvements in Magisk in the last couple of years. And the Magisk v25.2 also brings some valuable changes and fixes.

John Wu announced the Magisk update on Twitter just like the other Magisk builds. And as usual, the project can be accessed on Github with all the information including a changelog. The last Magisk update was released under two weeks from Magisk 25.0 release and it was a small update. Whereas Magisk 25.2 is more of a balanced update that includes fixes and some changes.

With the new Magisk 25.2, the project now moves the whole logging infrastructure into Rust. Last month along with Magisk 25.1 release, John Wu mentioned that the Magisk v26 development cycle also begins and the start of the Oxidation project (Adding Rust to Magisk). And the Rust is here with the Magisk v25.2. Below you can find the full changelog.

Magisk v25.2 Changelog

  • [MagiskInit] Fix a potential issue when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix reboot to recovery when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix sepolicy.rules symlink for rootfs devices
  • [General] Better data encryption detection
  • [General] Move the whole logging infrastructure into Rust

Download Magisk 25.2

The new Magisk version is available to the public channel. And you can download it directly from the Github page or using the download button. John Wu adds every release to the Magisk page on Github. To download the latest version of Magisk v25.2, use the link given below.

The installation method depends on many options like the ramdisk, vbmeta partition, unlocked bootloader, and more. The common process to install Magisk is by patching boot.img or recovery.img or AP tar file and flashing it to the device with the help of adb and fastboot commands.

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