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LG G8X and these LG Phones will get Android 11 Update

Android 11 is the latest update for Android phones which is already available on many devices. Google already started testing the Android 12 but it will take time for its public release. And also, the OEM hasn’t impressed its users with update rollout in a long time. With this roll out Users will have some relief that they will get to experience Android 11 on their LG phones. Here you will know the list of LG Phones which will receive the Android 11 updates this year.

There are only a limited number of Android phones under the OEM which could have been the plus point for the company. But the OEM failed to take advantage of this scenario. But we can’t judge the performance with just updates. If you own an LG device and want to know if you ever get to experience Android 11 then here you will know the official list of LG phones getting Android 11 this year.

LG V60 and LG Velvet already received Android 11 updates but only in specific regions. It is no surprise if you are not expecting Android 11 on your LG phone considering its bad update history.

Android 11 Update Schedule for LG Phones

Luckily after waiting a while, LG’s Germany official site revealed the list of LG phones which will get Android 11 starting from April. You can check the list of LG phones and let us know if your LG device makes it on the list.

Model NameModel CodeAndroid 11 RolloutStatus
LG Velvet 5GLMG900EMuntil April 2021Testing
LG G8XLMG850EMWuntil Q2 2021Testing
LG Velvet 4GLMG910EMWuntil Q3 2021Testing
LG G8SLMG810EAWuntil Q3 2021Testing
LG WINGLMF100EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing
LG K52LMK520EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing
LG K42LMK420EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing

The list includes Velvet 5G which will also get the Android 11 in Europe in April. There are a total of seven LG phones that managed to grab a spot on the list. If you have an LG phone from the given table then get ready to enjoy some new useful features. The data if for this whole year and so if your device is not on the list, it is unlikely to get the update.

If you have another LG phone, then you can try third-party apps, launchers, or even Custom ROMs to enjoy the latest features. Also, the list is for Europe region, and it’s still not clear if it will make it outside of Europe.

The Android 11 update will come with most of the Android 11 features on LG Phones such as Chat Bubbles, Improved UI, enhanced privacy, bug fixes, etc.

Let us know if you are receiving an Android 11 update on your LG device. And which feature you like from the latest Android 11 update.

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