7 Big Reasons to be Excited About the Latest Android Feature Drop

Google has released the new Feature Drop for Android Phones. This new update introduces seven new features. This differs from the Pixel Feature Drop as it’s available for all Android phones, not just Pixel phones.

Some of these features will be available immediately while some may appear later. There is no fix date as to when you can expect new features. Let’s now see what are new features coming to your Android phone.

Edit Messages in Google Messages

The first change is part of RCS messaging. You will now be able to edit messages even once they are sent. The edit function will be available for 15 minutes from the time of sending. It works similar to what we have seen on other platforms which include long tapping the message and then selecting the edit option.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

New Cross Device Features

Cross devices feature is another great edition that includes two useful functions, Call Casting and Internet Sharing (Instant hotspot). Devices with the same Google account are added as a group in the cross-device feature. You can instantly connect other devices in the group to the phone’s hotspot without entering the password.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

Also, you will be able to switch between your devices during the Google Meet Call by tapping the Call Casting icon. Cross Devices is marked as a coming soon feature.

New Emoji Kitchen Combos

New Emoji Kitchen Combinations are also part of this update. A new combination is the Disco Ball and headphones emoji. These will be available soon. Google usually brings new Emoji Kitchen combos with these updates.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

Google Home Favorites Widget

Google adds the new Google Home Favorites widget for the home screen. Using the widget you can control your favorite smart devices directly from the home screen. Whether you want to turn on your lights, or AC, you can do so without wasting any time. Those who want to access it early can sign up for Public Preview.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

Google Home Favorites Tile

Google Home Favorites shortcut is also announced for Wear OS smartwatches which will be available through tile and complications. All you have to do is swipe to switch to the Google Home tile. From the tile you can quickly control your most used devices.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

New Ways to Pay with Google Wallet

You can now pay with PayPal on Google Wallet directly from your Wear OS smartwatch. This is currently available for users in the U.S. and Germany. So if you use PayPal for payments, you no longer need to take out phone to pay.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

Digital Car Key

With your Android Phone as a Digital Car Key, you can now unlock select MINI models. Google also mentioned that it will soon support select Mercedes-Benz and Polestar vehicles. Digital Car Key lets you lock, unlock, start your supported car and even share your Digital Car Key with your friends or family.

Android Feature Drop May 2024

So these are seven major features for Android Phones. As mentioned at the starting, some feature will be available early while some may be available later. Which feature is your favorite among these.

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