Is the Apple Vision Pro Waterproof? Does it have an IP Rating?

The Vision Pro, Apple’s first Spatial Computer, is now available for purchase. It’s one of the most expensive VR headsets, starting from $3500. People often have many queries and doubts before buying it, and one of the most common questions is about the IP rating and water resistance compatibility of the Apple Vision Pro.

In terms of build quality, the Vision Pro is built of high-quality materials the list includes aluminum, glass, polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, and more. You can check the complete list of materials used in Apple Vision Pro on the company’s support page. Despite being made of such good material, the question arises as to whether the headset has an IP rating or not.

Let’s shed light on how well the Apple Vision Pro will withstand daily wear and tear.

Is the Apple Vision Pro Waterproof?

No, the Apple Vision Pro isn’t waterproof or water resistant and does not have any kind of IP rating. Apple clearly states on its support page that “Apple Vision Pro and its battery are not designed to be water resistant.”

The company further adds “Keep your device and battery away from sources of liquid, such as drinks, oils, lotions, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, etc. Protect your device and battery from dampness, humidity, or wet weather, such as rain, snow, and fog.”

The Spatial Computer is designed to work in ambient temperatures between 32° and 86° F (0° and 30° C) and stored in temperatures between -4° and 113° F (-20° and 45° C).

Apple has not previously shared information regarding the device’s ruggedness and handling. However, now that the device is available for purchase, the company has updated the support page with common questions related to the device, including information about Liquid Exposure.

Can I Wear Apple Vision Pro in the Shower or Swimming Pool?

No, the Spatial Computer, Vision Pro, isn’t designed to handle any type of liquid exposure. Not only the compatibility but there’s no way to wear the Vision Pro while swimming or in the shower, as you need to keep the battery pack in your pocket or backpack while wearing it for normal usage.

A famous YouTuber, iJustine, shared a video of wearing the Vision Pro while swimming on X (formerly Twitter). She kept the bottom part of the battery pack shoved into the solo loop band and tightened it. She also tucked the cables into the bathing suit strap.

However, there’s a point to note that she didn’t immerse the headset into the water. So as long as the headset is not exposed to water, you can use it while in pool or in the bathtub. Check out iJustine’s post here.

Is the Apple Vision Pro Battery Waterproof?

No, the Apple Vision Pro Battery Pack isn’t waterproof. If it gets exposed to water, then you should dry the battery pack immediately if wet. Also, if the battery pack gets wet, keep it disconnected from the Vision Pro.

Not only this, but you should also unplug the USB C wire of the battery pack, you can do it easily by using the SIM-eject tool. Here’s a tweet from Ray Wong from Insider sharing interesting tidbits related to the Spatial Computer’s Battery Pack.

Once you unplug the cable, promptly dry the Apple Vision Pro Battery Pack.

Just like any other VR headset in the market, the new Apple Vision Pro isn’t made to handle any kind of wear and tear, it’s important to treat the costly Spatial Computer with care and follow the company’s guidelines to enjoy its all features.

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