Is LEGO 2K Drive Split-Screen Local Multiplayer?

LEGO 2K Drive is a great game. With so much to explore, partake in, and even go around crashing into everything that is made of LEGO. This is a fun kart racing game that can be enjoyed the most with your friends. Now, we do know that the game has Crossplay support. But does the game have support for local split-screen mode? Let’s find out.

Split screen gameplay is important because players get a chance to play together in the same device and it is more fun than playing with friends online because you cannot snatch the controller from your opponent while playing online. I bet everyone does this when they’re about to lose. It is quite fun.

Does LEGO 2K Drive have Split-Screen Mode

Yes, LEGO 2K Drive does indeed have split screen mode. And it is available on all platforms where you can play Lego 2K Drive. This multiplayer split-screen mode lets you and one other friend explore Bricklandia and even complete all the story missions. LEGO 2K Drive does not support the four-player split-screen mode, it only support two players in split screen mode.

The local split-screen game mode has been around for a long time. One of the most popular games to feature this mode is Halo. With split screen mode enabled, you can play against each other using the same device but by just connecting another controller to the device.

Is LEGO 2K Drive Split Screen

As you know it doesn’t allow more than two players in the split screen mode, if you want to play with more than one friend, you will have to go with the co-op multiplayer mode where you and 5 other friends will be able to play together on just one server.

How to Enable Split-Screen Mode in LEGO 2K Drive

Enabling local split-screen mode in LEGO 2K Drive is simple and easy. You simply need to follow these steps to enable local split-screen game mode.

  1. Connect the second controller to your PC or console.
  2. Now, press the Options/Menu button on the newly connected controller.
  3. The game will automatically detect that there are two players and will display the split-screen game mode on your screens right away.

This concludes the doubts on whether LEGO 2K Drive has support for split-screen game mode or not. Since it does have a split-screen game, you can enjoy racing around in various events with your friend. However the letdown is that the game doesn’t have the four-player split-screen game mode like Mario Kart 8. Will the devs add the four-player split-screen mode to the game? For that only time will tell if that ever happens. But for now, you and another friend can enjoy playing LEGO 2K Drive via the local split-screen mode.

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