iPhone X Notch Remover is now Available on App Store

If you hate the notch on the new iPhone X, there’s some good news for you. Apple has just approved a new app called ‘Notch Remover‘ that essentially remove the notch on top of your display. The approval certainly comes as a surprise since Apple has been urging its developers to ’embrace the notch’. Some users like the Notch but the majority do not like it. The new iPhone X Notch Remover is now Available on App Store.
As we all know that the latest iPhone has a notch on display, which looks attractive at first look. But the notch comes with some sensors and camera for face recognition technology, sensors make the iPhone X’s looks dull. While some users are enjoying this new design in the new iPhone and some are not happy with this new design. So Here we found the solution.

iPhone X Notch Remover now Available on App Store:iPhone X Notch Remover

The iPhone X Notch Remover app just makes the notch invisible by placing a black bar across the top of the images. Users will then have to assign those as wallpapers from the iOS settings app. The app works well as it does a great of job of making it and the users seem to be enjoying it a lot. It is available at $0.99 on App Store and the download size of iPhone X Notch Remover 31.2MB.
Here, you need to give the Read and Write permissions to the app, go to Settings > Notch Remover > Photos > Read and Write. Now you are able to add the black bar to wallpaper to hide the notch.
Click on the below App Store button to download the iPhone X Notch Remover.
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