iPhone Users are getting fictitious update notifications on iOS 14 Beta

Apple is currently testing its iOS 14.2 as beta and many users have installed it on their iPhones. They are testing the iOS 14.2 beta for more than a month now. But recently iOS 14.2 beta users started receiving false update prompts which shows that there is a new update available even if no updates are released. Are you also getting these irritating notifications on your iPhone?

If you also get these updates notifications on your iPhone then you can directly cancel it. This is a bug that started appearing for all the users who are currently in the iOS 14.2 beta. The bug existed since the update but now its frequency to prompt false notification has been increased. And you may receive a false notification every time you unlock the phone.

This known bug is appearing for almost all the users who have opted for beta and currently testing one of the iOS 14 beta. And so if you also have this bug on your device then don’t worry as Apple may soon bring the next beta with the fix. You can expect the next beta early as today.

iOS 14 beta update bug

The bug is about the update that prompts the message ‘A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta‘. As the bug is for all users many have tried to fix it with different settings. You may also be looking for a fix. You can try different tweaks to fix the bug.

Many users have tried uninstalling beta profiles from their iPhones but unfortunately it didn’t work for them. The update bug started appearing to frequent after 27th October and so to avoid this bug, you can change the device date to 27 October or before. This might fix the current bug. But it is just a workaround so it’s recommended to wait for the next beta update.

Once the company releases the next beta we will update you with the news article. You can expect the update to be available from today or tomorrow as this is a major bug and exist for all the users. Stay connected with us for more information on the iOS 14 related news.

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