iOS 18 Beta and Public Build: How Long Until You Can Get Them?

The next iteration of iPhone’s OS, iOS 18 will be revealed to the world soon. The WWDC 24 event is scheduled to take place on June 10, where the tech giant will introduce it. iOS 18 is rumored to be one of the biggest upgrades in a long time. Apple will finally integrate AI into the iPhone with the iOS 18 update.

All of this is great, but when will we get the iOS 18 to experience on our iPhones? As you might already know, the first build of iOS 18 that we get to try will be the developer build.

Since Apple has made entering and leaving beta so easy, many iPhone users go for the beta builds, so that they can try the new update before its public release.

As usual, Apple will release beta for developers first. This means users with a developer account will get the beta first. This is because the first build is more likely to contain major bugs that can affect user experience.

iOS 18 Developer Beta

The first developer beta will be released on the day of the WWDC event, June 10. If you are someone who is interested in testing iOS 18 and don’t care about bugs, you won’t have to wait long.

You should know that the first developer beta will be available with limited features. Other remaining features will be added in upcoming updates.

iOS 18 Public Beta

iOS 18 Public Beta 1 is expected to be released between the last week of June and the second week of July. This is based on the data from previous builds.

Public beta is considered more stable than developer beta. You don’t need a developer account to opt for Public beta. And so most users start the beta journey with a public beta.

iOS 18 Public Release

iOS 18 will be released to the Public in the second half of September.

If you are not into the beta testing, you will have to wait longer before you get your hands on the new iOS 18.

Here is the timeline for previous iOS releases (via 9to5mac):

iOS 17:

  • Developer Beta – June 5
  • Public Beta – July 12
  • Public Release – September 18

iOS 16:

  • Developer Beta – June 6
  • Public Beta – July 11
  • Public Release – September 16

iOS 15:

  • Developer Beta – June 7
  • Public Beta – June 30
  • Public Release – September 20

iOS 14:

  • Developer Beta – June 22 (Pandemic year)
  • Public Beta – July 9
  • Public Release – September 16

Are you waiting for iOS 18? Are you going to try developer beta or public beta? Let us know in the comment section.

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