iOS 14 release date, expected features, beta and compatibility

iPhones and iPads are popular because of many unique features, and one of the features is the best update support even for an older Apple device. And Apple is all set to release the latest iOS 14 for iPhones and iPadOS 14 for iPads. As the WWDC 2020 date is approaching, we are getting more excited to try out the iOS 14. It’s only about a week when we will be trying the latest iOS 14 beta on our iPhones. Here in this article, you will know iOS 14 Release Date, Expected Features, and Compatible iPhones.

The countdown for WWDC has already begun, and most of the expected iOS 14 features are also out. Recently Apple has also released the latest iOS 13.6 Beta 2, which made us curious how iOS 14 will be different. You will get to know iOS 14 upcoming features in this article.

When will iOS 14 Update be available?

iOS 14 Release Date

As we have seen in the past, Apple releases it’s new iOS & iPadOS during the WWDC event. The event will be hosted online because of the ongoing COVID situation, and Apple decided to keep it free for enthusiast developers.

As usual, Apple is going to release the iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 in the WWDC event. And they will also release tvOS, macOS, watchOS updates. We have already covered it in our last watchOS 7 guide.

The procedure of the iOS 14 update will be similar to what we got to see with the iOS 13. It means during WWDC, Apple will release the iOS 14 Beta, and later after a month or two, they will release the stable version. We can expect the iOS 14 release to the public in September, and till then, iOS 14 beta testing will be available for Developer and Public Beta testers.

Which iPhones will receive iOS 14 Update?

Currently, the iOS 13 is available for iPhone 6s or iPhones released later. And as per the news, it is speculated that the iOS 14 will arrive on all the iPhones that received iOS 13 last year.

It is a sign of a Premium brand that releases updates to most of its phones. And Apple provides updates even for 4-5 year old phones, which we don’t get to see on phones from other brands. Other brands generally provide updates and support for phones only up to 2 years. Below you can check the list of iOS 14 supported iPhones.

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2020)

Along with the list of iPhone given above, iPod Touch 7th generation can also receive the iOS 14. Apple will soon reveal the list along with the iOS 14 release. Now let’s see the features that we can expect in the iOS 14.

What’s New in iOS 14 – iOS 14 Features

As always, most of the upcoming features are already on the news before the official release of new iOS. One thing to note that these are expected features, but the possibility is higher for showing up in the iOS 14.

So let’s now see all the expected iOS 14 features:

New Homescreen option

The iOS 14 may come with the ability to change the home screen from Grid view to List view. Apple has kept the same home screen ever since its release. And users are bored of using the same and outdated home screen and want some change. And guess what it seems like Apple has acknowledged and ready to bring the list view option with iOS 14. If you use Apple Watch, then you must be aware of list view Apps. It is more reliable and easy to search for any installed app.

Default Apps

iOS 14 Default Apps

It is expected that with iOS 14, we get the liberty to change default apps. It is one of the most wanted features that users are requesting for a long time. Default Apps like the Browser, Maps, Music Player, Document reader, Video Player, and more. So from iOS 14, we can set Google Chrome as the default browser or Google Maps as the default Map. This will enhance the user experience as they can choose their favorite apps as default apps.

Translate Webpages in Safari

One of the main missing features in iOS is the capability to translate any web page with different language to your native language. This feature is already present in Google Chrome, which works great and doesn’t even need to reload the page to do so. And moreover, it doesn’t even require an active internet connection. This could be one of the great features in iOS 14, as it will improve the browsing experience.

Homescreen Widgets

iOS 14 Home Widget

If you have used Android phones, then you may probably know the importance of Widgets in Homescreen. It can be used to customize the home screen and also to make the home screen look better. Finally, we get the same feature on iOS 14, which will add a premium look on the home screen. We can add weather, music, and other widgets and so no need to open specific apps to see details like weather and control music.


As per some leaks and iOS 14 news, Apple is going to add some new features such as now users can mention someone in the conversation. It is useful in the group conversation where you can mention the user with @ to tell that this message for the user. It is similar to what we get in WhatsApp. In iMessage, the recall or delete message feature will be added with the iOS 14.

Fitness App

iOS 13 already has a health and activity app that tracks the user’s activity. And Fitness is also related to the activity app, but it will work more like a trainer. It will guide you to follow workouts like Yoga, Swimming, Dancing, and other physical activities related to fitness.


iOS 14 Multitasking

The iOS 14 will bring the multitasking feature on iPhones that will allow us to use two different apps on the same screen. The recent apps screen will now also look more like an iPad, which is easy to clear apps and open a particular app faster.

New Accessibility Feature

The iOS 14 will come with some new accessibility features for people who have hearing loss. In iOS 14, important sounds like Alarms, Doorbells, Crying Babies, Door Knocks, etc. will be converted to haptics. It will help users who have hearing loss on sensing these notifications and sounds.

Wallpaper Management

Apple is said to bring the new Wallpaper section in the iOS 14. It will give the option to customize Wallpapers like changing the color accent and more. We can also select Blur and other effects for Lock Screen wallpaper. iOS 14 will also allow us to download wallpapers from third-party apps directly from Settings.

So these are some notable features that are expected to make the debut on iPhones with the iOS 14. I hope we get all these features on the iOS 14 along with many other new features.

How to Get iOS 14 Early?

Apple has already added the event schedule on Apple Newsroom. And as soon as Apple reveals the iOS 14, they will also release the developer beta.

First, the beta will be available for developers, so you need the developer profile to be installed on your iPhone. And later, Apple will also add support for public beta testers.

We will add the guide for Installing the iOS 14 Beta as soon as it releases. So stay connected to YTECHB for upcoming iPhone and iPad guides.

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If I missed any important iOS 14 feature, then you are welcome to share in the comment below.

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