iOS 14 Beta 3 and iPadOS 14 Beta 3 Update now available

The latest iOS 14 beta 3 is now rolling out to all supported iPhone and latest iPadOS 14 Beta 3 for iPads. In the last beta, Apple added some new stuff along with the bug fixes. And it is the same case with the iOS 14 Beta 3. 

The changelog only shows that it comes with bug fixes and improvements. Here you will know how to get iOS 14 Beta 3 and iPadOS 14 Beta 3 on iPhones and iPads respectively. Also, we will talk about the new features that you get to experience with the latest beta. iOS 14 Beta 3 Update

iOS 14 Beta 3 and iPadOS Beta 3 are currently rolling for developers but a public beta will also be available soon. Maybe it will be released soon after writing this article. Apple has also released iPadOS 14 Beta 3 and watchOS 7 Beta 3 along with iOS 14 Beta 3. The latest Beta 3 update comes with Software Version 18A5332f and available for all supported iPhones.

iOS 14 Beta 3 Update

The iOS 14 Beta 3 is supposed to be a bug fix but it also comes with some new features including new widgets. Also, iOS 14 gets a new Music app icon, but it is not new for iOS as the app icon is taken all the way back from iOS 8. iOS 14 Beta 3 Update

There was a storage bug in the first and second beta of iOS 14 which is fixed with the latest Beta 3 update. If you were waiting for the Exposure Notification framework then it is still missing, but available on the public iOS 13.6. World clock widget also added in the iOS 14 Beta 3 update. Here is the information that comes with the update:

This beta version of iOS 14 contains bug fixes and improvements.

For more information, visit:

This beta version of iOS should only be deployed on devices dedicated for iOS 14 beta software development.

Download & Install iOS 14 Beta 3

This is a beta update and requires a beta profile to get the update on your iPhone. The update is available for all the iPhones running on iOS 13 updates. It includes iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhones 6s Plus, and newer iPhones. 

You will easily get the iOS 14 Beta 3 update as OTA if you are on the previous iOS 14 beta. But in case if you are on the stable iOS 13 and want to try the latest iOS 14 beta then follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Apple Beta Software program site.
  2. Then scroll down a bit and click on Sign in if you have Apple ID.
  3. On the next page, select the correct OS for your devices like iOS or iPadOS.
  4. Scroll down till Getting Started and click on Enroll your iOS device.
  5. Now you need to install the beta profile from the next Page. For this, click on the Download Profile.
  6. After installing the Profile, reboot your device. And you are ready to install iOS 14 Beta 3 on your iPhone.
  7. Open Settings and go to Software Update. It will show the latest iOS 14 Beta 3 update.
  8. Download & Install the latest update and enjoy iOS 14.

You can also roll back to the previous version using appropriate guides. It might require iTunes or Finder apps on Windows & macOS. The best thing about iOS updates is that it is flexible and consistent. Apple generally releases the update in a week cycle. You can expect the stable iOS 14 release this fall. Enjoy the latest iOS and iPadOS on your iPhone and iPad respectively.

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