How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed [Working Methods]

If you are searching for a method to increase BSNL Broadband speed then you are at right place. Here you will know How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed 100% Working methods. Usually, we do not get the exact speed as per the plan, it always varies from time to time and also depends on connection status. And to overcome this issue we have few tricks to increase BSNL broadband speed.

If you are using the low-cost plans then you should surely try these methods to get maximum speed. With these methods you can increase browsing, downloading, video playback speed.

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BSNL is the Indian government telecom company which also provides broadband services at effective prices. The speed may vary according to the areas that are covered by BSNL. This will work for all the BSNL broadband users.

How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

As per the latest plan, BSNL is offering a minimum of 2 Mbps speed on unlimited plans. And after FUP limit the speed will decrease up to 512 Kbps. And this is not even an average speed that we should use in 2019. So check out 5 tricks to increase BSNL broadband speed.

1. Custom DNS Server to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

DNS plays a very important role in connection speed. There are many high-speed DNS servers available which you can use to effectively increase the internet speed.


  1. First, open Control Panel on your PC
  2. Then go to Network And Internet
  3. Click on Network And SharingHow To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed
  4. Click on Your Network suppose BSNL
  5. Then Click on PropertiesHow To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed
  6. Then double click on TCP/IPv4How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed
  7. And enter the following DNS address
    Preferred DNS setting:
    Alternate DNS setting: To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed
  8. DONE!

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Here is the small Video tutorial on how to increase BSNL broadband speed by changing DNS:

2. Reduce Reserved Bandwidth to Increase Speed

By default, Computer has a reserved bandwidth limit up to 20%. This means you are getting 80% speed of total when a background process running and using the Internet. In case if no background apps are using the Internet you will get full FUP speed. But you can not close sensitive background Apps as they are important to run in the background. So in this case reducing the reserved bandwidth will increase BSNL broadband speed.

How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed


  1. Press Win + R button to open Run
  2. Type gpedit.msc and press enter
  3. This will open “Local Group Policy Editor”
  4. Now go to the location: “Computer Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Network” > “QoS Packet Scheduler”
  5. On the right side double-click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth
  6. Change the value from 20% to 0%

And then check the Internet speed. You will see a sudden increase in BSNL broadband speed.

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3. Clear Browser Cache to Boost Internet Speed

You all know about the cache that is stored in memory to load pages faster. But sometimes the cache memory get’s full and due to this, the BSNL broadband speed reduced.

So clearing the cache from your browser could be an effective method to speed up Internet speed. Follow the guide to clear/delete browsing cache on Chrome and Mozilla.

For Chrome: Press ctrl + shift + del and check Browsing history, Cookies, Cache and select ‘All time‘ and then click on Clear Data.

For Mozilla: Press ctrl + shift + del and check everything and then click on Clear Data.

4. Use TCPOptimizer Software to Optimize Broadband Speed

TCPOptimizer is a tool which is used to optimize the TCP/IP according to the ISP to provide the best result in terms of Speed.

TCP/IP are one of the factors which play an important role in a stable and good network connection.

You can manually assign IP address but using this tool is more easy and effective. So use TCPOptimizer to boost BSNL Broadband Speed without changing settings.

5. Update Network Drivers to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

Network Drivers are the main key to run Internet on a Computer. And if you are using older network drivers which are not optimized as the latest internet settings provided by Network operators.

So updating Network drivers will definitely boost the Internet speed on your Computer. This is an effective method and can be used to solve problem-related to Bandwidth. Like you are using driver which support up to 2.4GHz and your network gives 5Ghz, so updating to the latest driver will fix such problems.

So these are the 5 tricks to boost BSNL Broadband Speed on Computers. We will try to provide you with the guide which will increase internet speed on Smartphones very soon.

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