Hulu app for macOS – is there an app?

With streaming services becoming more popular every day, the need for dedicated apps for different platforms has also risen. Let’s take a look at Hulu for example. Hulu is an excellent streaming service for those who have just neutered into the world of streaming content. As you would expect, there is a Hulu app for almost every platform it supports except for one platform – macOS. It sure seems unbelievable that there is no dedicated Hulu app for Mac. So, if you were wondering what would be the best way to watch Hulu on your macOS system, this is the guide for you.

Stream Hulu on macOS

Just like most of the other streaming services out there, Hulu has no dedicated app for macOS users. Sure, there used to be a Hulu app available for macOS devices in the early 2010s. However, the app was released as a beta project. However, things didn’t go on that well and the project seems to have been scrapped. So, in short, macOS users do not have any dedicated Hulu app to stream and watch content. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Hulu on your macOS device. You can make use of one program that comes preinstalled on all macOS devices to stream Hulu.

Stream Hulu via a web browser

A web browser is a piece of software that lets you browse through the internet provided you have a proper connection to the internet whether through wifi or an ethernet cable. Also, you will need to have a web browser that you prefer or simply make use of Safari which comes bundled with macOS. Here are the steps.

  1. First, connect your macOS device to the internet using WiFi or an ethernet cable.
  2. Now, launch the Safari web browser. You can also use any other web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Microsoft Edge.
  3. Now, simply enter into the address bar of your web browser and hit the enter key.
  4. You should now be taken to the homepage for Hulu.
  5. Simply click on the sign-in or register button to create an account.
  6. With your account setup and a plan activated to your account, you can now stream all of your favorite Hulu content on your macOS device.


And this is how you can stream Hulu on your macOS device. You might be thinking, well what if I used an Android emulator to stream Hulu via the app? While it might seem like a good idea, the big truth here is that these apps will not be able to play any content because of DRM protection. Since all streaming apps have DRM protection baked into the app, you will not be able to stream any streaming service using an Android emulator or any emulator for that matter.

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