How to Watch AT&T TV on Computer [Windows or Mac]

Having access to Live Tv on any and every modern device out there is a blessing. You no longer need to be stuck or tied to a TV to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. The same can be said about Live TV as well. With traditional cable network connections fading into oblivion, digital and internet streaming services are the go-to for everyone. One popular streaming service that you can now watch easily on devices other than your TV is the service provided by AT&T.

AT&T TV has different channels and subscription plans that you can choose from. There are also different add-on packages that you can choose from. Whether you want anything to do with entertainment, sports, news, or all of them together.

If you have an active AT&T plan, you can use your computer to stream and watch the content right away. Read on to know how to watch AT&T TV on the computer.

Because this is a digital streaming service, you can use any device to stream AT&T TV provided you have an existing and active subscription plan. This will work easily on any type of computer. Whether you own a laptop or a full-fledged desktop, and whether it runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu, you will be able to stream with ease provided the device has a web browser.


  • Active AT&T TV Plan
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows, macOS, or Linux PC
  • Web Browser running the latest available version

How to Watch AT&T TV on a Computer

Now, let’s take a look at the steps that are simple and very easy to follow if you want to watch AT&T TV on your Computer.

how to watch at&t tv now on computer
  1. Power up your PC and connect it to the internet.
  2. Now, launch the web browser of your choice. Make sure it is updated to the latest available version.
  3. Now, visit the AT&T official website.
  4. Once you have opened up the website, make sure to sign in with your account.
  5. Use the account that has an active AT&T TV plan. Or else, you will have to sign up for a plan of your choice.
  6. You should be seeing an option that says Watch AT&T TV. Click on it or you can also head over to the ATT Watch Now website.
  7. You can now easily choose and select what u want to watch right away on your computer with ease.

Why Watch AT&T on a Computer?

Everyone’s got portable devices such as laptops and many people carry their laptops while on vacation or maybe while on a long journey. So, if you would like to stay up to date on your favorite shows, being able to watch them on a bigger screen makes the watching experience even better.

Another reason is that if someone is watching something on the TV, you can also sign in to AT&T on your computer and watch your shows without having to trouble anyone, and neither do you miss your shows.


This concludes the guide on how you can use your PC to watch and stream AT&T TV on your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC with ease. The process is simple and easy. You can also stream a good number of other streaming services on your PC like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Disney Plus, but those depend on the type of plans you choose.

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