How to use Twitch Emotes in Discord [Guide]

Emotes are commonly used on Twitch. They are a way to quickly converse with the streamer or viewers watching a particular Twitch stream. Emotes could contain images or even texts and is better than just using plain emojis. If you have a Nitro subscription for Discord, you’ll be able to add your own kinds of emotes for your own server and you could also use those custom emotes in any chat or sever you wish to use. Here you will know how to use Twitch Emotes on Discord.

Twitch and Discord are the two platforms that every gamer will have an account on. Even though gamers might not use it all the time. It’s always best to have accounts on them because you wouldn’t know why and when using both of them might come in handy. Both platforms used to cater more towards gaming but are now used by everyone from various niches.

Twitch is a popular streaming platform that is used by a large number of people. It could be used for game streaming, listening to live radio, or maybe even live talk shows because it’s easier to set up and go live without much hassle. On the other side, Discord is your go-to voice chat while gaming. It’s used when some games don’t have in-game audio chats at all. Not just for calls, it can be used as discussion rooms, and even video streaming a game or anything similar to that. Either way, both platforms have a strong user base whatsoever.

Add Twitch Emotes on Discord

If you use Twitch, you already know Emotes, it is one of the best features in Twitch. Unfortunately, Emotes are not available on Discord by default. But don’t worry you can use Twitch Emotes on Discord by linking Twitch and Discord accounts. You will have to change some settings that you will know in this guide.

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can use Twitch emotes on your Discord servers. Let’s get started.

Syncing Discord and Twitch account

It’s best done if you could make use of a desktop as it’ll make things faster and easier. Also on the Mobile version, you may not find some options that are required to use Twitch emotes in Discord. This method requires an internet connection which is obvious, so make sure your device is connected to WiFi.

  • Open Discord and log in with your account.
  • Click on the User Settings icon that’s shaped like a gear next to your name.
  • Now select the Connections tab on the left panel. Here, select the Twitch icon.
twitch emotes for discord
  • If you’ve already signed in to Twitch on your system then simply click on Sync your account. (If you’ve not signed on to Twitch on your system, you’ll have to do that now).
  • Once you’ve synced your accounts, head over to your own Discord server and open up its server settings.
twitch emotes for discord
  • Here click on Integrations > Connect to sync your Twitch channel to your Discord server. Do keep in mind that you should have to be a Twitch Affiliate, only then will the sync work between the channel and server.
twitch emotes discord

Syncing Subscriber Roles

Go to your server’s settings and make changes to the roles for your Twitch subscribers. You can control what they do and what they can’t do. You’ll also have to let your subscribers know that to use the Twitch emotes in the Discord server they will have to synchronize their Twitch and Discord accounts.

And that’s how you can use Twitch emotes into your Discord server. However, there’s another way to get those Twitch emotes into Discord without having to sync your Twitch account. You can also add external emotes to be used in your server. This is how we do it:

  • Head over to your server and click on server settings.
  • Now tap on Roles and scroll till you see the Use External Emojis option.
  • Simply set the toggle to On and set this role to everyone in your channel or just to a handful of server moderators.

Adding More Emotes

You could add more emotes to your ever-growing collection thanks to BTTV. BTTV or BetterTTV is a web browser extension module that allows your viewers to use emotes in the Twitch Chat. You can also add this to your channel by simply syncing your Discord account and selecting what server you’d like to sync to make use of the Twitch emotes.

How To use Twitch Emotes in Discord

Sometimes you might not be having any sort of emotes for your own Twitch channel, so what do you do? Well, thankfully there is a place where you could find new emotes for your Twitch account and use them on Discord.


This is literally a streamer’s treasure cave. You’ll find everything for your stream over here. Alerts, sound effects, emotes, badges, logos, avatars, and even panels that you can choose from to make your stream look like your own. Not only that, but you can also create and make your own emotes to use on Twitch. What else do you want? A haven right here for everything streaming.

How To use Twitch Emotes in Discord


Now that you’ve learned how to use Twitch emotes on the Discord server and also where you could make your own emotes, remember to be mindful of everyone including your followers and fans when making use of emotes. Sometimes some emotes aren’t family-friendly so be careful as to who’s in your servers and channel. Making use of the questionable emotes might throw around account warnings and Twitch will even go-ahead to ban the emote. So be careful with that too.

So that’s all on how to use Twitch Emotes on Discord. Let us know if you find this guide helpful. Also let us know in comment section, if you have any queries.

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