How to Use Nexus Font in Windows (Font Manager for Windows)

Windows is the most used Operating System followed by the macOS. It comes with amazing features that are useful for day to day usage. But when it comes to the customization we need to use third-party tools like Nexus Font.

We can not say that NexusFont is a customization tool, specifically its a font manager for Windows PC that allows us to play with Fonts.

We do get the Fonts option under Settings in Windows PC. But it only has a few options and it excludes the Installation of custom fonts. And in this guide, we will share a better method to manage fonts on Windows Computers.

So let’s start with what is Nexus Font and then we will also share its user guide.

What is Nexus Font?

Nexus Font is a tool from Xiles to manager Fonts on the Windows platform. It will keep your fonts well organized on your computer for less load and fast rendering. Nexus Font helps us to manage fonts in various ways such as installing/uninstalling fonts, adding custom fonts, compare fonts, and more.

There is not one but various reasons to use Nexus Font instead of the default Windows font manager. Below are some benefits of using the NexusFont manager.

  • Add custom fonts
  • Install/Uninstall fonts on Computer
  • Compare different fonts
  • Organize System fonts
  • Print fonts list
  • Activate/Deactivate available fonts
  • Reduce load on the system

Now that you are aware of Nexus Font features let’s start with the guide to get Nexus Font and how to use it.

Download Nexus Font for Windows

Nexus font is a utility tool for Windows and it is available for free. So if you want to manage fonts on your computer without putting a lot of load on the system, then you can download the Nexus Font on your computer. It is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 platform.

It comes in an executable file so go through the normal installation on your PC to get Nexus Font.

After installation, it will create an icon on the desktop unless you opt-out for it during installation. If you did then you can search for Nexus Font to open the tool.

And once you have access to the Nexus Font you can now easily organize available fonts on your computer. You can add any font on your system including custom fonts.

So if you are a designer and like to create custom fonts then NexusFont is the best tool for testing. Below you will find a guide on how to use Nexus Font to add custom font on your computer. It is an easy tool to operate but if you go through the guide it will make the process easier.

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How to Add Custom Font using Nexus Font

As you know that it allows us to Install any font on the system. But the Installation process is a bit different and here I am going to walk you through the complete process.

  1. Copy your Font file to a folder, you can name the folder as you want (eg. My Font). Remember the folder location.
  2. Now open the NexusFont tool on your computer.
  3. In the tool, click on the ‘+‘ icon which will be at the bottom left corner. Nexus Font
  4. Then select ‘New Folder Group’ and name the folder anything you want (for eg I will create a Custom Font group).
  5. The new group will show under the Library section. Right click on the group (Custom Font in my case) and click on Add Folder. Nexus Font
  6. Browse and select the My Font folder where custom fonts are available and click OK. Nexus Font
  7. As soon as you click ok, it will load all the custom fonts available in your folder.
  8. And that’s all, you can now use the custom font on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any tool on your system.

So this is how you can add custom fonts on your computer without stressing the system. And whenever you feel that you don’t need the font, you can uninstall it. Let’s now jump to Uninstalling of any font with the Nexus Font without opening the System Settings.

How to Uninstall Fonts using Nexus Font

Nexus Font also loads all the available system fonts. It means you can remove any font from your system. And all of this is easy with the interactive and easy tool interface. Let’s jump right into the guide.

  1. Run the NexusFont tool on your computer.
  2. Now under the Library section click on Installed or Custom Group folder that you created.
  3. It will list all the fonts available on your computer.
  4. Now search for the font that you want to uninstall from the system (i hope you know the name of the font, or you can also scroll through the list).
  5. Select the font (to select click on the small circle). Nexus Font
  6. After selecting click on the Font menu and click Uninstall (click on Delete icon if the font is available in group folder).
  7. It will then remove the font from your system.

So now you are well familiar with the NexusFont tool. Once you start using the tool you will easily get to know its working.

So there you have it, the complete guide on NexusFont, and how to use Nexus Font. I hope you find the guide helpful. And if you do and want more guides stay connected to YTECHB. In case if you have any questions then let us know in the comment section.

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