How to use Lunapic Online Photo Editor

I was looking for the photo editor on the internet and I found one of the best editor named Lunapic. Lunapic is a famous online photo editor which provides many tools to edit photos whenever we want. Lunapic is very fast and responsive online photo editor. If you want to edit your photos like a professional then you should try Lunapic online photo editor. But before using it you should know How to use Lunapic Online Photo Editor like a professional.

Here you will get to know How you can crop, Transparent, resize, add text, Draw an image. It is not easy to use Lunapic at the first time so before editing an image take a look at ways to edit an Image on Lunapic. We can also create an image from the scratch on the Lunapic. Lunapic lets users save images in any format they want. If you want to directly post any image that you are editing you can also do that on Lunapic.

Features of Lunapic

  • Multiple editing tools
  • Various Effects and Filters
  • Many Art effects
  • Quick upload
  • Directly post images to Facebook or other platforms
  • Multiple Image Formats

How to use Lunapic Online Photo Editor

How to upload an Image to Lunapic

To edit any image you have to first upload the image on the Lunapic Website.

  • Open the Lunapic Website
  • Then browse the image from your device
  • Wait for some time and done

How to Resize an Image

After Uploading the image you can resize the photo according to the resolution that you need. It is a very easy task to perform.

  • To resize an Image click on Scale image
  • And give the particular Width and height or just adjust the size from the Bar
  • After filling Width and Height click on Apply Scaling

Similarly, you can Change the file type, Image quality, number of frames of the image. You can also set the file size of the Image.

How to Crop, Cut, trim

To perform the Trim, crop, cut or other function you need to use the tools that are located on the left side.

  • Click on Trim icon (Scissor).
  • Now Choose the shape of the tool between rectangle, circle, Polygon or Magic wand.
  • Then select the area to perform the operation.
  • After selecting area click on the operation that you want.
  • Then save the image.

How to make background Transparent

You can apply Transparency to the objects of the images. It is very helpful when you want to make GIF type images. 

  • Click on the Edit option
  • Then select Transparent Background from options
  • You can choose the transparent tool as you want or just click on the background to make background transparent
  • If you want to adjust the Threshold of the Transparency you can do it by sliding the Bar
  • After adjusting the threshold click on Apply threshold

Lunapic online photo editor is full of features which you can perform to edit your images. I can’t guide all the features. You can use features like effects, animation, Filters, Arts, borders and more. Just follow the options that are provided on Lunapic website. You can create awesome images with Lunapic without wasting any time.

The biggest advantage of Lunapic online photo editor is we don’t need any software to edit photos. I hope you have found that you were looking. If you still have any questions about Lunapic you can ask using the comment section or Live Chat.

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