As we all know, We can easily access WhatsApp Messenger or Google Allo on our PC/Mac with the help of Web Client. So, Did you know How to Use iMessage on PC?

Well, There are many alternatives available to WhatsApp & one of the best alternative is iMessage. Apple iMessage is the best alternative for instant messaging. iMessage assent users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over WiFi. So, Check How to Access iMessage on PC. No need to buy an Apple device Now, You can easily use iMessage on your Windows or Linux with the help of Chrome Remote Desk.

How to Get iMessage on PC

It is a very simple process to use iMessage on PC, No need to jailbreak your phone. So, follow the steps and get the full access to iMessage.

Things You Need to Access it:

  • Mac with iMessage
  • Windows with PC
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  1. At first, you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Google Chrome with the help of an extension. Install the extension on both systems (PC & Mac).
  2. After installation, Launch the app.
  3. In Mac System, you need to Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. After download, install it.use imessage on pc
  4. Now, Press Continue > Enter Username & Password > Install Software > After Installation Close the setup.
  5. Now check the code and enter the code into your PC or Mac to connect both systems together.use imessage on pc
  6. Later, you will see both the systems are connected together.
  7. Enjoy the iMessage on your PC.


How to Use iMessage on Android

If you want to download weMessage, Click on the play store icon for direct download.

Developer: Communitext
Price: Free

Developers mentioned – Before downloading this app, please make sure you have read through the documentation on our website,, about what this app specifically does and you know the requirements needed in order to make it work.

Features of weMessage: Group Chats (it allows you to send and receive group chat messages), share images, audios, and videos attachments, encryption and much more.

There’s also a software available named as “weServer”, install easily on Mac and Computer. The weServer acts as a “bridge” between the Mac and the Android device by processing.

So, by these simple steps, you can easily use iMessage on PC. If you liked our article, then share with your friends.


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