How to use Galaxy Tab S9 as Second Monitor for PC

Samsung released the latest iteration of the Galaxy Tab S series about a few months ago. The new tablet series includes the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+ and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. And if you own a Galaxy Tab S9, here you will know a useful tip about it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series comes with various improvements over its predecessor which also improves use experience. Like other tablets, the Tab S9 series also has large displays that can be useful for many tasks from gaming to office work.

Due to their larger screens, tablets are popular among users. If you use PC for multitasking and creative work then it works just like PC. Tablets let users do multitasking as well as drawing, preparing Excel sheets, slides, and other tasks. And here I am going to share a tip that will make your tablet even more useful.

How to use Galaxy Tab S9 as a Second Display for PC

Do you know you can use your Galaxy Tab S9 as an extended display for your PC. It’s quite useful for multitasking. You can carry out your task in your Laptop or PC display while watching video or presentation in your Tablet. Here is the complete guide.

  1. First connect your Windows PC and your Tab S9 to same WiFi network.
  2. Once connected, swipe down on your tablet to bring Quick Panel.
  3. Swipe to the left to bring more options. Tap on Second Screen which will open second screen page. Leave it open.
  4. Now on your PC, press Windows + K keys on your PC to bring Wireless display page.
    How to use Galaxy Tab S9 as Second Monitor for PC
  5. Your Galaxy Tab S9 will appear here. Click on it.
  6. Now you can see your PC display on your Tablet. By default it will be set to Duplicate, change it to Extend so that you can use it as additional display.
How to use Galaxy Tab S9 as Second Monitor for PC

If you don’t see the Project page after connecting Tab S9, then you can press Windows + P and then choose Extend or another option of your choice.

Using HDMI Connector:

If you find that connecting through wireless affect the performance as it requires high internet speed all the time, then you can make use of the HDMI along with an HDMI Adapter to Type C connector. This will give users a better experience as connecting through cable makes the performance snappy.

Connect HDMI cable to your PC, and then connect its other end to the HDMI to Type C connector. Now connect Type C to your Galaxy Tab S9. When you do that, the Windows PC screen will appear in your Tab. You can choose to extend from the Windows + P screen.

When you use the tab as an extended display, you’ll have more room to perform multitasking. It’s like a PC setup with two monitors. Yes, display size will vary but it’s better than nothing.

I hope you found the guide helpful. In case if you have any queries, don’t forget to ask in the comment section.

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