How to use Drag and Drop feature on iPhone running iOS 15 [Guide]

Drag and Drop is one of the best features of iOS 15, the feature allows you to quickly move photos, contacts, files, links, and more from one app to another. There’s no need to download photos, copy links, or saving a document to send them to other apps. So, if you love to do multi-tasking then this feature is going to make things handy for you, read along to know how to use drag and drop feature on iPhone running iOS 15.

iPadOS has many multi-tasking capabilities and the drag and drop files between apps is one of the most useful features available on the iPad. With iOS 15, Apple pushes the gesture-based drag and drop feature to the iPhone with more useful actions. The way to use this feature is not the same as its big sibling the iPad, it’s pretty easy on the iPad, thanks to the split view or slide over. iPhone doesn’t have any of these features, but still, you can easily drag and drop files between apps, now let’s take a look at the steps on how to use this feature.

Which apps support Drag and Drop on iOS 15?

Before moving to the steps, here you can check the apps compatible with the new drag and drop feature. Apart from Apple’s first-party system apps, there are many second and third-party apps that have adopted the iOS 15’s drag and drop feature for their apps. Google’s Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Keep, Drive, Google Photos, WhatsApp, and many other apps now support this feature. At the time of writing, the feature isn’t compatible with the Twitter app, I hope Twitter will also acquire this functionality.

Obviously, you can use it across all Apple’s system apps, such as Mail, Notes, Photos, Messages, Files, and more.

Now let’s move right into the steps on how to drag and drop files on iPhone running on iOS 15.

How to use Drag and Drop on iPhone

The Drag and Drop feature is available to iPhone users running on iOS 15 or newer. There’s no need to enable or activate anything to access this functionality, yes, the feature is enabled by default on iOS 15, to use it, simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • At first, open the app from which you want to share photo, text, contact, file, or link. I’m using Safari as an example for this tutorial, the steps are same across other apps or actions. After opening Safari, open the webpage with the link or photo which you want to share on other app.
  • Now long-press on the photo or text and keep holding it, once the photo adheres with your finger the background turns translucent. Without lifting up your finger from text or photo, use your second finger to open the app in which you want to share the selected text or photo. In this guide I’m sending this link on WhatsApp as a message.
    how to use drag and drop on iphone
  • Open WhatsApp using second finger, then open the chat in which you want to send this photo, hover the image to the chat box, you’ll see a green circle icon on the top right corner of the image with a white plus icon, this simply means that this app supports drag and drop and you can share the file in this app.
    how to use drag and drop on iphone
  • Simply drop the photo in the text box and hit the send button, that’s it. You can use these easy gestures to drag and drop files across different apps on iPhone.
    how to use drag and drop on iphone

These simple gestures allow users dropping files from one app to another very easily on the iPhone. This multi-tasking feature is going to be pretty useful for users who are doing a lot of work from their iPhone. Not only the photos, but you can also use this feature to copy text from a webpage or document and paste it to notes or email.

iOS 15 doesn’t bring visual overhaul to the iPhone, but still, it is one of the feature-packed updates for the iPhone. Apart from the multi-tasking drag-and-drop feature, you can use the live text feature to copy paste or translate the text, enable the anticipated Notification Summary, customizing the new Safari browser. You can check out these guides by tapping on the linked texts.

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If you’ve any query on using drag and drop feature, then you can leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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