How to use Alexa as Speaker for TV, PlayStation, and Xbox

Alexa smart speaker lets you interact with it. Whether it’s about asking Alexa about the weather, the news, calling someone up, setting up reminders, playing your favorite song, or even using it as an alarm clock.

So now the question is can you use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker? Yes, you can make use of the Alexa speaker as a Bluetooth speaker that lets you play your songs from your Android or iOS device. Today, we will be taking a look at how to use Alexa as speaker on TV, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Alexa speaker comes in handy if you don’t have another big speaker for your setup. Now that you know Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, you can jump into the guide.

How to use Alexa as Speaker on TV

Have a good smart TV but its sound quality is low or quality is not up to the mark? You can make use of the Alexa speaker to play the audio from the TV. There are different ways that you can follow to connect Alexa as a speaker for your TV.

Method 1: Using AUX

The first method is by making use of the 3.5mm headphone jack that is present on the Echo Dot. Also, you would need to check if your Alexa Echo Dot has an AUX Input feature. If it has the option to play audio from other devices via the 3.5mm jack, simply connect one end to the Alexa Speaker and the other end to the TV’s 3.5mm audio output jack. Once your TV detects that an external speaker is connected to it, the audio will now be routed to your Amazon Alexa speaker. However, you need to know that any command that you give the speaker will pause any audio from the TV.

How to use Alexa as Speaker on TV

Method 2: Using Bluetooth

The second method to use the Alexa speaker as your TV speaker wirelessly is via Bluetooth. This works with any TV that has Bluetooth built into it. Here are the steps.

  1. Power up the TV and your Alexa Speaker and ensure that they are in near proximity.
  2. Make sure that your Alexa speaker is not connected to any other Bluetooth device.
  3. Now open the Settings menu for your TV and enable Bluetooth.
    How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to TCL Smart TV
  4. Command your Alexa by saying, Alexa Connect.
  5. The speaker will now enter into pairing mode.
  6. On your TV, the Alexa speaker will appear. Select it to pair the speaker to your TV.
  7. Once the devices have been paired and connected, your TV’s audio will be played via the Alexa speaker.

How to use Alexa as Speaker for PS4

With regards to using Alexa as a speaker for your PS4, you cannot use it directly as the PS4 Bluetooth adaptor will not connect to a number of Bluetooth devices. In this case, it is more advisable to connect the Alexa Speaker to your TV and then have the audio from the PS4 pass through the TV into the Alexa speaker. In such a use case the 3.5 mm wired connection is the best way to get the audio from your PS4. If you wish to control your PS4 via Alexa, the only way that can be done is by using the Logitech Harmoney report, an external device.

How to use Alexa as Speaker for Xbox

Just like the PS4, you cannot connect Alexa as a speaker to your Xbox directly. The only way you can get the audio output from the Xbox to your Alexa is by plugging it into the output of your TV. The Bluetooth support on the Xbox only allows you to connect supported controllers and headsets. So, getting your Alexa to play the audio from your Xbox is not possible.

How to use Alexa as Speaker for Amazon Fire TV Devices

Well, at least with the Amazon Fire TV, you will be able to play audio from the Amazon Alexa speaker. The setup is simple and quick. You can follow these steps.

  1. Power up your Fire TV and the Alexa speaker.
  2. Now, launch the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Open the Devices menu and tap on the Plus icon.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Combine Speakers followed by Home Theater.
  5. You need to select your exact Fire TV model and then select the Echo speaker or two speakers to configure the left and right channels.
  6. You can assign a name and room for your speaker group.
  7. You will have a few adjustments to complete on your TV and you are done.


This is how you can use the Alexa speaker for your TV, and Consoles. Now, it doesn’t work well with gaming consoles so it’s best to avoid using them with such devices. Instead, it would be more sensible to get a dedicated sound system connected to your TV while gaming on the PlayStation or Xbox. If you have queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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