How to Update HBO Max to Max on Roku [3 Quick Fixes]

HBO Max rebranded to Max on May 23, 2023, and also changed its logo to a less distinctive blue from its signature purple. Since this happened, many users have been facing login issues and getting “Not available in your region” or “Unavailable in your area” errors.

Although users can switch to the new Max app, they just need to update it. Many Roku TV users are having problems converting their HBO Max accounts to Max and not seeing the option to upgrade. If you are one of them, you will see how to update HBO Max to Max on Roku today.

How to Update HBO Max to Max on Roku?

Although HBO Max updated automatically for many individuals and changed to Max, others had to switch to Max manually. Here we have added some methods by which you can convert it. Read on to check them out.

Remove and Re-add the Channel

Updating the HBO Max app to just Max can also be done by removing and re-adding the channel. Here’s how you can re-add the Max channel:

How to Update HBO Max to Max on Roku

Step 1: On the Roku channel store, search for Max.

Step 2: Select the appropriate one, then choose Remove Channel from the menu that appears.

Step 3: After removing the channel, add it again.

Once you re-add the channel, you can access Max using the HBO Max login credentials.

Check For Update

If the app has not automatically updated, you need to manually check for updates and upgrade to Max from HBO Max. Here’s how you can check for updates and download the latest version of Max.

Step 1: On your Roku TV’s home screen, select HBO Max app.

Step 2: Press the asterisk (*) key on your Roku TV remote.

How to Update HBO Max to Max on Roku

Step 3: Select the Update app and wait for the update to complete.

Once done, you should be able to use the new Max app on your Roku device. If you are still facing any issues, move on to the next fix.

Restart Roku to Update

You can also switch from HBO Max to just Max by restarting your Roku TV, as many users have reported that they are able to use the new Max app after restarting their device. If you have updated the app and are still not able to use the new Max app, then you need to restart your Roku device.

You can use our dedicated guide on how to restart Roku TV. After restarting your TV, the app will automatically upgrade to just Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HBO Max not available in my region?

You are seeing the HBO Max is not available in your region error because it’s rebranded to just Max, and since it happened, users have been getting errors while logging in to their accounts.

Is HBO Max the same as Max?

Yes, both Max and HBO Max are the same service. The Max (previously HBO Max) is simply a name change, which reflects that it has more content from other providers.

How do I get Max on Roku?

To get Max (previously HBO Max) on a Roku streaming device, tap the Home button on the remote, then choose Streaming Store. Search for “Max” and tap OK to view the details of the application. On the next screen, click on Add channel to get it on Roku.

Why did HBO Max Rebrand to just Max?

As per the company, that change is meant to broaden the breadth of the content while keeping the quality the same, which integrates its library with Discovery+ content.

So, this is how you can fix the login issues that you are facing by updating HBO Max to just Max on Roku TV. I hope this guide has helped you troubleshoot the problem you are having with your device.

Please share any additional inquiries related to the article in the comments below. Also, share this information with your friends and family.

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