How to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

There are tons of Smart TVs available and with that being said, here are a great number of apps that can be used on Smart TVs. Many streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and now even HBO Max. HBO Max was launched in 2020 by Warner Media. The service currently has around 44 million users as of March 2021. Now since it’s a popular streaming service, there are always updates that help in improving the functionality and performance of the app and also remove bugs as well. Well, if you have a Samsung smart TV, read along to know how to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung’s Smart TVs are popular for the fact that they have good video as well as audio outputs. And, since Samsung is a trustworthy brand, people tend to purchase products from that particular brand itself. Since there are plenty of Samsung Smart TV users out there, one can assume that they might be having a subscription to HBO Max. Here is a guide on how to update HBO Max app on your Samsung smart TV.

How to update HBO Max app on Samsung Smart TV

Downloading an update to the HBO Max app is quite simple on a Samsung smart TV Here is how you do it.

how to update hbo max on samsung smart tv
  1. First things first, power up your Samsung Smart TV and ensure it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Smart Hub on your Samsung Smart TV.
  3. Now that you are in the Smart Hub select the Apps category.
  4. Select the Settings icon that can be found at the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Choose updates to update your apps.
  6. Scroll and look for HBO max. Once you find it, select it and then select Update.
  7. The updated version of the HBO Max app will now be downloaded.
  8. And this is how you download the latest update to HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV.

HBO Max app won’t download

However, if you still have issues with the app update not downloading or the app isn’t automatically downloading the update with the auto-update setting to on, well there is a fix for that. One might think, well, what if I just uninstalled the app and download the app from the smart hub? Well, that would work as well, but if you were not able to re-install the app? That could be another problem as well the culprit for such a problem is the disk storage on your Samsung Smart TV.

Since the new HBO Max update is quite large and with the disk storage running out of space already is why the app won’t download or update itself in the first place. Recently, there have been several complaints from HBO max users stating that they were not able to download the update or that the update was not showing up in the smart hub. The main solution to this is to clear up the disk storage by uninstalling apps that you do not use at all.

Uninstall apps on Samsung smart TV

  1. Open up the Smart Hub on your Samsung smart TV and select the Apps category.
  2. Now, select the options that are in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Delete My Apps from the menu.
  4. You will now have a list of the installed apps on your screen. Do note that some preinstalled apps cannot be uninstalled and the Uninstall button will be greyed out.
  5. Select the apps that you wish to uninstall and then select Delete at the top of the screen.
  6. Now confirm the delete by selecting Yes by pressing the OK button on your remote.


Now that you have uninstalled apps that you don’t use or need, your Samsung smart TV will now have some disk storage space. Ensure that you have at least about 20% or more disk space as space will then be used to download the update for the HBO Max app. Sometimes, it may not work, so simply reboot your Samsung smart TV and you should now be able to download HBO Max update on Samsung Smart TV or even download the app itself altogether.

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