How To Unlock Characters in Disney Speedstorm?

Disney Speedstorm is one kart racing game that just went free to play. With the game going free to play, you can expect more and more players to begin playing this Disney kart racing game. The reason why this game is a bit more popular is simply because of the various characters that you can race in the game.

Players get access to Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm when playing the beginning three chapters of the game, you will soon start to realize that you can also unlock other characters as well as upgrade your existing racers. In the games the characters are known as racers.

How To Unlock Characters in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm has around 18 characters (and more joining), or racers as you would call them in the game. With each seasonal update, the game brings new Racers for you to unlock, upgrade and race with. Each of these characters is from different movies and franchises owned by Disney. You can check out all the racers from the Disney Speedstorm game by heading here.

How to Unlock Characters in Disney Speedstorm

Because there are multiple racers in the game, it can be a task to unlock all of these racers. But, you might ask, why do you need to unlock all these racers? Well, you see, unlocking different racers is quite important. Each Racer has select events that you can play with only if you unlock the racer. Additionally, every racer out there in Disney Speedstorm has power-ups that are unique to them.

There are multiple ways that you can follow to unlock racers in Disney Speedstorm. Let’s start with the easiest.

Unlocking Racers In Disney Speedstorm Using Shards

Shards are nothing but in-game currency elements that you earn when you complete various racers and limited-time events. These shards can be used to unlock all racers from the game. In order to unlock a racer for the first time in Disney Speedstorm, you will need to have a total of 10 shards. Once you unlock the racer, you can then slowly upgrade the racer’s level as and when you earn other items that are needed to level up the racer.

Unlock Racers In Disney Speedstorm via Golden Pass

How to Unlock Characters in Disney Speedstorm

If you have played a lot of battle royale games, you will be very familiar with a tier-based pass system called the battle pass. However, in Disney Speedstorm the same tier-based system is called the Golden Pass. There are two types of Golden Passes available in the game. There is a free one that lets you unlock limited items as and when you progress. Then there’s the premium Golden Pass that you can purchase with real currency and get access to all items available in the tier-based pass system. In this tier-based system, you can also easily earn shards as well as even characters.

Unlock Racers In Disney Speedstorm By Purchasing Boxes

Disney Speedstorm has two types of boxes that you can purchase with currency and coins earned within the game itself. You can choose to purchase the Universal Box or the Season Box to unlock various items including shards for racers, vehicle parts, and colors. You can also get additional customization elements that you can use for your racers. The universal Box is one type of box that you can purchase every time you have enough in-game coins that can be earned by winning races and events. Unlocking this box will give you access to shards for any racer in the game.

There is also the Season box that you can purchase which upon opening will give you rewards based on the season and particular franchise. Do note that you will get shards only for a particular racer and not for all of them. The season box can be unlocked with the help of season coins.

Unlock Racers In Disney Speedstorm via Starter Circuit Reward Boxes

When you begin playing Disney Speedstorm for the first time, you will first have to complete the chapters that are single-player races. Upon completing each of these chapters you will earn a reward box with the possibility of earning shards for different racers.

Unlock Racers From Earning Rewards In Multiplayer Events

How to Unlock Characters in Disney Speedstorm

Once you complete the chapters in the single-player mode, you will then unlock the Online Multiplayer section for the game. This is where you can play with your friends or other people online. However, the best way to earn rewards when you win races in Disney Speedstorm is by playing in the ranked multiplayer game mode. Your position and performance as well as your rankings in Ranked Multiplayer matches make a difference and based on these criteria you earn rewards. So it’s always best to put on your best performance to earn really good rewards.

Unlock Racers In Disney Speedstorm From The Shop

The in-game shop in Disney Speedstorm lets you purchase shards right away for your racers. The shop is the best place as there are different time-related items that will be sold for a limited time. You can purchase those to unlock as well as upgrade your racers.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the different options that are available for you to unlock racers in the game- Disney Speedstorm. Of course, if you don’t want to spend money, simply play all the races, play through the limited-time events, and complete various objectives to earn shards which help you unlock the racers in the game.

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