How to Unlock Bootloader on Realme X2 (Full Guide)

Realme X2 is a quad-camera beast and the best thing is that it comes under budget. The phone has become popular among users and developers in a short time just after the launch. There is no doubt that the device performance is enough to impress its users. But you can even increase the performance by tweaks and modifications. For this, you need to first unlock the bootloader. And here we have a guide for you on how to unlock bootloader on Realme X2.

All the Android phones come with locked bootloader unless you are buying specifically unlocked ones. Locked bootloader means users are not allowed to modify or perform system changes in your phone it includes rooting, installing custom ROMs and custom Recoveries. So if you are thinking of rooting your device then first you have to unlock its bootloader.

Unlocking bootloader method depends on brands and Realme follows a very different way of unlocking bootloader. But at least they are allowing to unlock bootloader where many other brands do not allow it. All the phones of the same brand follow the same method to unlock bootloader and it also applies to Realme phones. Here in this guide, you will know step by step procedure to unlock bootloader on Realme X2. It is also known as Realme XT in some regions so you can also try this method on your phone.

Realme X2 Unlock Bootloader

As I mentioned earlier that Realme follows a different method which also includes an unlock tool apk which is different for each phone. And for Realme X2 the APK is now available, which means you can unlock bootloader. Below you will find the full step by step process to unlock bootloader of Realme X2. Let’s first know what are the important tools you need to unlock bootloader.

Download Realme X2 Unlock Tool APK

There is only one way to unlock bootloader on Realme X2 which is by submitting an application through Unlock Tool. And since the unlock tool is available you can easily unlock bootloader on Realme X2. You can use the below link to download the unlock tool apk.

Once you have the tool apk you can begin unlocking bootloader. Check out the requirements which will help you to unlock bootloader.


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Apply for Unlock Bootloader on Realme X2

After downloading the tool you need to apply for unlocking bootloader. Follow the below steps to unlock the bootloader.

  1. Install the downloaded Realme X2 unlock tool.
  2. Open the app and click on ‘Start Applying’ for the In-depth test. realme x2 unlock bootloader
  3. Now read the disclaimer, select checkbox and click on ‘Submit Application’.
  4. After submitting the application it will be checked and approved in a few hours (you can see the status in the app).
  5. Now you are all set to unlock bootloader.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader on Realme X2

  1. Once your application is approved open the app again and click on ‘Start the in-depth test’. realme x2 unlock bootloader
  2. The device will reboot into fastboot screen showing fast boot_unlock_verify ok.
  3. Now connect your phone to PC.
  4. Go to C:\adb in your PC, press Shift + Right click on an empty area and select ‘Open Command window here’ or ‘Open PowerShell window here’. realme x2 unlock bootloader
  5. Now enter the below command to boot Realme X2 into Bootloader
    • adb reboot bootloader
  6. Enter the below command to proceed with unlocking
    • fastboot flashing unlock
  7. The above command will trigger options on your phone, press the Volume Up button once to select the ‘Unlock’ option. realme x2 unlock bootloader
  8. Now your phone will show a new interface and then enter the below command
    • fastboot Reboot
  9. Now the Realme X2 bootloader will be unlocked and the device will reboot into the system.

That’s all you have successfully unlocked bootloader on Realme X2. You can now install TWRP Recovery and root your phone.

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So there you have it the complete guide on how to unlock bootloader on Realme X2. It’s an official method and it’s working for all Realme X2. Let us know in the comment section if you are facing issues while unlocking the bootloader.

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