How to Uncombine Taskbar Icons on Windows 11 [Guide]

Windows 11 can be defined as a more advanced operating system. Whether you’d like to see it from the perspective of visual looks or performance, it’s got it all. Windows 11 brought in the new Start Menu, new Taskbar elements, better overall performance, and even essentially everything that you’d expect in a new Operating system. However, there are certain things in Windows 11 that we all wish were available to adjust. There are a number of settings that are no longer available in Windows 11 as the option to uncombine or never combine Taskbar icons in Windows 11. Here’s how you can uncombine taskbar icons on Windows 11.

It simply is a bit silly to see that Microsoft missed out on a few features that used o previously existed in previous versions of Windows. Like being able to uncombine or never combine the taskbar icons used to be an option in Windows 10. Windows 11? Not any more. Now, just because it isn’t available on Windows 11, doesn’t mean that you cant make use of such features anymore. There are third-party programs that cater to such features and we will show you how you can make use of these programs right away. Read on to know more.

How To Uncombine Taskbar Icons on Windows 11

Since there is no option for this within Windows, you will need to make use of third-party programs. Thankfully, these third-party programs are pretty useful for a lot of people, and, I would even go ahead and recommend having these tools installed on your PC no matter what version of Windows OS you are running. So, let’s take a look and see how to uncombine taskbar icons on Windows 11.

Use Explorer Patcher

This is a third-party program that you can download and install for free via GitHub. Let’s take a look through the steps below on how to install and eventually enable the never combine taskbar icons on Windows 11.

  1. First, you need to head over here to download the Explorer Patcher program to your Windows 11 PC.
  2. The file size weighs in at 1.7 MB. so it should rather download quickly.
  3. Once the program has been downloaded, install it by running the .exe program.
  4. Your screen might go black for a few seconds. You do not need to worry, because the program is automatically setting up your taskbar and making the necessary adjustments.
  5. If you wish to make some changes to the program, simply right-click anywhere on the taskbar.
  6. Now from the context menu, select the properties option.
    how to uncombine taskbar icons on windows 11
  7. The program’s properties window will now open up.
  8. Over here you will be able to make a number of changes to the appearance of your Taskbar, Start menu, system tray, and a number of other items.
  9. If you click on the Taskbar tab, you should also be able to see the option to combine or never combine taskbar icons.
    how to uncombine taskbar icons on windows 11
  10. This is a simple and easy-to-use program that works instantly right out of the box.
how to uncombine taskbar icons on windows 11

To uninstall the program, simply open up Control Panel and click on Uninstall Programs. Simply right-click on Explorer Patcher and select uninstall and you should be good to go. Yes, your screen will go black for a few seconds, but it will be back to normal.

Use StartIsBack

StartIsBack is a superb and well-known program that has been around for a very long time. It gained popularity after Windows 8 had this weird full-screen start menu and the whole start button removed from the OS. Anyways, this is a really cool program that you can use to even get the never combine taskbar icons feature on your Windows 11 PC.

  1. Download the StartIsback program by heading over to its official website.
  2. You have to keep in mind that you can download the free trial version or purchase the full version for $4.99.
  3. In this use case scenario, we will be using the free trial version. The download file size is around 1.4 MB, So yea, it will a quick download. Once the program has been downloaded, install it on your PC.
  4. It might display this version isn’t supported for this version of Windows, but it’s okay. You will get a notification that says you will need to download the version for Windows 11.
  5. Click on download to install the version that works for Windows 11. Again, like the previous program, your screen will go black, and return to normal. In this time, you will see that a few things have been set up right away. The StartIsback configuration window will now appear.
    how to uncombine taskbar icons on windows 11
  6. Now, click on the Taskbar tab on the program. You will see an option that says Combine Taskbar buttons. A drop-down menu will be beside it. Simply choose Never Combine.
    how to uncombine taskbar icons on windows 11
  7. You will now be able to see the icons not being combined on your Taskbar instantly.
  8. If you wish to uninstall the program, you can do it from the Control panel- Uninstall a Program.
  9. Simply right-click on the StartIsback program and select uninstall.
  10. Your screen will go black and you should be good to go instantly.


And this is how you can finally never combine the taskbar icons on your Windows 11 PC. Sure, you need to use a third-party program on your Windows 11 PC, but, it’s the only best way to get things like this sorted and done.

What do you think about this feature? Do you think it’s really useful nowadays or is it a good thing that Microsoft decided to skip it altogether on Windows 11? Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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