How to Unbrick OnePlus 7T with MSM Tool [with Download Link]

OnePlus 7T is a flagship beast with a 90Hz display. It is a popular device for a budget price compared to other Flagship phones. And if you own a OnePlus 7T or planning to buy OnePlus 7T then this guide is for you. Sometimes we mistakenly brick our device and to fix it we have to visit the service center. But from now you don’t need to visit the service center as you can fix it manually. Here you will know how to unbrick OnePlus 7T and also how to downgrade the phone. how to unbrick oneplus 7t

If you are a tester or like to try various custom roms then this unbrick guide will be very useful for you. We usually end up bricking our device while customizing our phone like rooting, installing custom ROM, custom Recovery, etc. The MSM tool is very popular for its features like unbricking, downgrading and more. It revives the dead OnePlus phones. But you need a dedicated MSM tool for OnePlus 7T. The tool is available for the Windows platform.

Download MSM Tool for OnePlus 7T

The MSM tool brings control that a OnePlus user needs in case of an emergency like stuck at boot logo, phone not booting and more. It also lets users roll back OnePlus 7T to the previous update if you find bugs on the latest updates. There is also another msmtool available for the T-mobile variant. Download the right version of msmtool for your OnePlus 7T.

All thanks to Some_Random_Username (XDA senior member) for the MSM Tool for OnePlus 7T phone. If you don’t know how to use msm tool to unbrick OnePlus 7T then we have also included a guide for user convenience. But before that go through the requirements to collect required drivers and tools.


Note: If the above given USB Driver doesn’t work then install the Qualcomm HS_bulk driver on your windows.

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How to Unbrick OnePlus 7T (including T Mobile variant)

Step 1 Power off your OnePlus 7T. Then boot OnePlus 7T into Qualcomm EDL Mode, for this press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down button together.

Step 2 – Release all the buttons when you see EDL Mode.

Step 3 – Now connect the device to your computer while OnePlus 7T is in EDL mode.

Step 4 – Run the MSM Tool.exe that you downloaded earlier.

Step 5 – (Skip for T-Mobile variant) Click on Target drop-down button, then select ‘O2’ if you want to flash global firmware or select ‘India’ to flash Indian firmware. how to unbrick oneplus 7t

Step 6 – To check if the device is connected or not click on the Enum button. Once you see the device is connected click on Start to unbrick the OnePlus 7T.

Step 7 – Wait for about 5-6 minute and the phone will be fixed. The device will auto-reboot into the system.

Step 8 – Now your OnePlus 7T is unbricked and working. Enjoy the working OnePlus 7T.

Using the MSM Tool you can roll back to an older version on your OnePlus 7T. It is an essential tool for OnePlus users. If the phone ends up on ‘Param pre-processing’ error then you need to install the correct Qualcomm HS driver given in the above note.

In the tool you will find SMT Download mode, You need to stay away from this option as this can remove IMEI of your phone and it can degrade the Widevine.

Now you can customize your OnePlus 7T without worrying about bricking your device. Even if your device gets bricked, you know how to unbrick it.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to unbrick OnePlus 7T using MSM Tool. If you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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