How to Unbrick LG Phones & Flash Firmware or Stock ROM (Fix Bootloop)

LG is a popular smartphone brand known for its durability, performance, and buyback value of their phones. Some LG popular phones are LG V60 ThinQ, LG V50 ThinQ, LG K61, LG G8X ThinQ, and more. There are many reasons to buy LG phones, which include regular updates, custom development, and more. Another big reason is that the tool is available for flashing Firmware on LG Phones. And due to this, users do not need to go to the Service center if they have bootloop or bricked their phones. Here you will know how to unbrick LG phones and flash firmware on LG devices.

Bootloop is the issue when the phone is repeatedly booting without getting into the system. And in hard brick, the phone will be stuck at the boot screen. You may not need this guide when your phone is running correctly. But sometimes the phone ends up in bootloop or bricked state in situations like installing new updates or modifying the device. Rooting, installing custom ROMs, using apps like Chainfire without knowledge can also brick our phones. But don’t worry as we can fix the issue with the LG Flash Tool.

How to Unbrick LG Phones (Fix Bootloop)

We can fix LG phones by ourselves without the need to visit the service center. Thanks to developers for the LG Flash Tool, which allows us to flash Firmware on LG phones to fix bricked LG phones. Luckily the tool is also free, which means anyone can use the tool to fix their LG phones. Handling the tool may not be easy as other flash tools like Odin tool, Xiaomi Flash Tool, and more. But it works like a charm without any problem, and you just need to give attention while installing it. It requires some additional files and drivers to work properly.

The method that I am going to share in this guide will work to fix bootloop on LG, fix bricked LG phones, and even for updating LG devices. Yes, you can also update your phone to a new version if you have the latest firmware. Similarly, you can also downgrade your phone, but you can lose your data. Follow the below guide carefully to fix your bricked LG phone. But first, go through the below requirements to set up the tool.


  • Install the LG UP tool on your computer
  • Install LG USB Driver on your computer
  • Download Firmware for your phone
  • Take a full backup of your phone if you are upgrading your phone
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%

Steps to Unbrick LG Phones & Flash Firmware

  1. Download all the required files like Firmware in one place on your computer for convenience.
  2. Also, download common dll file and copy the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model. The file will help to fix ‘LGUP can’t load the model’ error.
  3. Turn off your phone and boot your phone into Download Mode.
  4. When it is in Download Mode, connect it to your computer.
  5. Now open the LGUP tool on your computer.
  6. The tool will now detect your phone and show it in the Port section.
  7. Under File Type check BIN File. Click on three-dot and locate your firmware (KDZ format) that you downloaded earlier. How to fix bricked LG Phones
  8. After selecting the firmware file, choose one of the installation options.
    • Select “Upgrade” if you want to keep the data on your phone.
    • Select “Refurbish” if you want to erase all the data and clean install (Required if the phone is in bootloop or stuck at boot logo).
  9. Then click on “Start.” How to fix bootloop on LG Phones
  10. Now it will start flashing the firmware on your LG phone for upgrading and fixing the phone. It will take time to flash, so wait for the process.
  11. After flashing, the phone will reboot into the system. Set up your phone and enjoy.

That’s all, and now you can use your LG phone without any issues. You can follow this method to fix any LG phone. But make sure to download the correct firmware as there are many models for any phone in different regions. So this is the common method to flash KDZ & TOT firmware on LG phone to fix Bootloop.

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So there you have it the complete guide on how to unbrick LG phone by flashing firmware through LGUP tool. In case if you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section below.

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