How to Unblur Images Online from PC and Mobile [Guide]

Having specific services to get a particular work done helps save time. Take a blurred image for example. You could sit down and use Photoshop to unblur the image. Now, it might seem like a good tool to use, however, it can consume some amount of time. It can also be a bit difficult for someone that is new to Photoshop or is using it for the first time. Here is where online services help you to get the same job done, but faster. Let’s take a look at how to unblur images online from PC and Mobile.

In this day and age, everyone wants things to be quick with a minimum amount of time being spent. And, when it comes to unblurring an image, there are online services that let you do it for free. So, is it better than sitting and using Photoshop to unblur an image? In some cases, yes, especially if you want something done quickly and more importantly if you do not have a system itself. Read along to know a few online services that let you unblur an image.

How to Unblur an Image from PC and Mobile

Here are a few services that you could use to unblur your images online. The services that are listed are all free to use and might contain some ads. They could also contain a one-time purchase to get rid of the ads as well.


Remini is a great and useful app when it comes to image restorations. The app is available for free on Android and iOS with some in-app purchases and ads. So, what does this app do? Everything you could think of. From image restoration to coloring black and white images and even unblurring images.

  1. Download the free app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the app, and allow it the necessary permissions that it will require.
  3. Next, tap on the Enhance option and select the Use It button.
  4. It will now ask you to pick an image from your device.
  5. Once you have selected the image, tap on the red button with a tick mark on it.
    how to unblur images
  6. You will now see an ad that will play. With the ad done, the app’s Enhance feature will now begin to work.
    how to unblur images on mobile
  7. You will be able to compare the results between the original and the enhanced version.
    how to unblur images on mobile
  8. For some reason, if you aren’t satisfied with the result, you can use the Enhance 2 option.
    how to unblur images on mobile
  9. This will now furthermore enhance the already enhanced image. But, you will have to watch an ad to get the second enhancement done.
    how to unblur images on mobile
  10. With both enhancements done, you can now compare the three images right away.
  11. If your original image was blurry, the result of the enhancement will be so much better and even make the image useful.
    how to unblur images on mobile

Adobe Spark

Now, we all know how great Adobe’s products are. Be it for Image or Video editing or even for that matter designing. Adobe has its own online unblur tool called Adobe Spark. And what else is great about it? It is free to use for anyone and everyone. Worse great on a desktop though. Let’s take a look at how you can unblur your images online using Adobe Spark.

  1. On your PC, head over to the Adobe Spark website.
  2. You will have to sign in with your account if you have one.
  3. If you don’t, simply create an Adobe account. It’s simple and free to create.
  4. Now, that you have signed in, click on the blue Unblur Image button.
  5. In your Adobe library, upload the image that you wish to unblur.
    how to unblur images on pc
  6. Select the image and tap on the Enhancements option.
    how to unblur images on pc
  7. Now, drag the Adjust slider to make changes to the sharpness level to unblur your image.
    how to unblur images on pc
  8. Apart from just un-blurring the image, you can use other image editing features to make your image look perfect.
  9. With all the changes done, simply save it to your library and then download the file right away.


And there you have it, two of the best unblur services that you can use for free. Yes, there are other unblur online services, but then, they have limitations such as file size limitations, dimensions of the image, and other limitations. While Remini uses AI to get its unblur technique to work right, Adobe Spark requires that you be able to tune the image how you like.

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It’s like editing your images on the cloud on a web browser and all of it for free. Have you used Adobe Spark? If not, what other online service that lets you unblur images have you used? Let us know them in the comments below.

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