How to Turn on Onn TV without remote (5 Methods)

Losing the remote for your TV can be annoying. There could also be a possibility of your remote being damaged or even physically broken. When such things happen, you would naturally look around on the internet or at your local stores for a replacement remote. However, looking for a replacement remote and ordering one can sometimes take a lot of time. Just because the remote is missing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using your TV.

You can follow a few ways to switch on your Onn smart TV without using the remote. The methods mentioned in the guide are simple and easy to follow. Whether you own the intelligent Roku Onn TV or the basic TV, the methods discussed below will work perfectly for you. Let’s get started.

Turn On Onn Smart TV Without Remote

Here are some methods that you can follow to enjoy your Onn TV even if your Remote is not working or lost.

Use Onn TV with Physical Buttons

A lot of TVs, whether smart ones or non-smart ones, will usually have a number of physical buttons either on the front panel or on the back panel either on the left or right sides of the TV. You will see buttons for Power, Input, channel, and volume control easily. These buttons are present on the Roku as well as standard Onn TVs. This is the most basic way to power up your Onn TVs without Remote.

Control Roku Onn TV via Roku App

Now, if the remote is missing for your Roku Onn TV, you can use the Roku app to control it. However, the Roku app cannot be used to switch your Onn Roku TV on. So you can turn on the TV with physical button and then operate with Roku app. Follow these steps to control your Onn Roku TV using your Android or iPhone.

how to find roku remote
  1. First, download the Roku app for your Android or iOS device. It’s a free app.
  2. Now, make sure to switch your Roku TV by pressing the power button on the panel of the TV.
  3. Next, check that your mobile phone and your Onn Roku TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  4. Launch the app on your mobile device and sign in with the same Roku account as that of your Onn TV.
  5. Select your Onn Roku TV from the devices list and then tap on Remote.
  6. The app will now display different buttons that are similar to that of your Roku TV remote.

Switch On your Onn TV via IR Blaster

A good number of older Android devices would have an IR Blaster function built right into tho your mobile device. If you have a device that has an IR blaster, you can simply download the Remote Control app that is available on the Google Play Store.

Install the app and then select your TV brand. You will be able to control your TV using the app easily. It might take a while to set it up. But, once you have it dialed right, you can use your phone to switch on or switch off your Roku Onn Smart TV.

Turn on Onn TV via Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch can be used to power up your Onn TV provided you have the TV docking station for the handheld device. Provided you have the Switch plugged into your TV dock and the dock is connected to your TV via an HDMI post, you can follow these steps.

how to turn on onn tv without remote
  1. Power up your Nintendo Switch and press the button to open the Home menu.
  2. Now, select the System Settings option from the Home menu.
  3. Select TV Settings, Now, select the option that says Match TV Power State.
  4. With the settings turned on, your Onn TV will switch on whenever you power up your Nintendo Switch that is plugged into the dock which is connected to the TV’s HDMI input port.
  5. This will only work with the Nintendo Switch and the OLED versions. The Switch Lite will not be able to perform this function.

Turn on Onn TV via Play Station 4

Another gaming console that you can use to switch on your Onn TV is by using the Play Station 4. Once you have your Play Station 4 connected to your Onn smart TV via HDMI cable, you can follow these steps to switch your TV on using the PS4.

how to turn on onn tv without remote
  1. On the Home screen of your Play Station 4, select the Settings option.
  2. Now, select the System option.
  3. You will see a checkbox that says Enable HDMI Device Link.
  4. Select the checkbox.
  5. Now, whenever you switch your Play Station 4 on and it’s connected to your TV via the HDMI cable, the Onn TV will also power up.

This concludes the multiple ways you can follow to power up your Onn TV without using the TV remote. If you don’t manage to find the exact replacement remote for your Onn TV, you can simply get a universal remote, which requires you to enter a code to pair the remote with your Onn TV.

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