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How to Turn Off Samsung TV Voice Assistant (Voice Guide)

Smart TVs have always made a big impact on how one is able to watch and stream content easily. Whether you use a cable connection or stream through various apps on your TV. While all of this is good for the general user,  smart TVs, Samsung ones in particular have features for those who might have weak eyesight or even for those who are elderly. Voice Guides are what they are known as in Samsung Smart TVs. While it’s a good feature, at times, it can simply get annoying. So here is a guide on how to turn off Voice Guide or Assitant on Samsung Smart TV.

Because it’s a Samsung Smart TV, there can be times when voice guides might have automatically been turned on by wrong presses on the remote by a child or it could able be that Bixby, the Voice Assitant might have enabled it because someone’s voice commands getting mixed up with the actual commands. Of course, it is a good feature, but, nobody wants their TV telling them in a loud voice what they are controlling or navigating in the middle of a movie stream in the dead of the night, right? So, if you or someone else has enabled Voice Guides on purpose or by mistake, here is a guide that shows you how to turn it off.

how to turn off voice guide on samsung tv

Turn off Voice Guides on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs between 2008 and 2013

  • Power up the Samsung TV and press the Menu button on the TV Remote.
  • Now, with the Menu on-screen, navigate and select the  Sound or Sound Mode option on the screen.
  • With the option selected, scroll and select the Broadcast option on the screen.
  • Under that, you will need to select the Audio Language option.
  • You will see a language selected there.
  • Simply select it and Choose the Audio Description Off option.

Samsung Smart TVs between 2014 and 2018

  • Switch on your Samsung Smart Tv and grab the TV remote
  • Now, press the Menu/123 button on your TV Remote.
  • You will have to use the remote to navigate and select the Menu option on your screen.
  • The Menu screen should now be displayed on your TV Screen.
  • Scroll and select the System option followed by Accessibility.
  • Under Accessibility, you need to select Voice Guide.
  • Select Voice Guide and choose the Off option.
  • Voice Guides will now be turned off for your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Hub (2019 and newer)

  • Put your Samsung Smart TV on and have the TV remote handy with you.
  • You need to press the Home button on the remote. This action will bring up the Samsung Smart Hub screen.
  • Now, select the Settings option present in the left corner of the screen.
  • The Settings screen will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select General followed by Accessibility.
  • The Accessibility settings will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, highlight Voice Guide Settings and select it.
  • Highlight Voice Guides and select it.
  • You will now be able to turn it off on your Samsung Smart Tv.

Samsung Remotes with Microphone button

Now, if you have a Samsung Smart TV and it has a remote with the microphone button on it, all you need to do is to press the button and simply say Voice Guides Off. The TV will turn Voice Guides off right away.


And there you have it. Simple and easy ways to turn the feature off based on the model year of your Samsung Smart Tv. The steps are simple and easy to follow and should take you less than a minute if you follow them correctly. We hope this guide has helped you in disabling Voice Guides. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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