How to take a Long Screenshot on iPad

Want to take a scrolling screenshot on your iPad? Here are three easy ways to capture a full-page screenshot on iPad.

iPads can be used for various productivity tasks, such as creating and editing documents, managing emails, attending online meetings, and collaborating with others. The portable comes with several productivity features too which can be used to enhance the overall usage of the device. One such productivity tool let users capture screenshots and share ongoing tasks with teammates or friends. Those working on large documents can take a full-page scrolling screenshot, here’s how you can take a long screenshot on your iPad.

Just like iPhones, there are multiple ways of capturing a scrolling screenshot on iPads. Apple officially adds support for taking full-page screenshots for iPad with iPadOS 13. Later bring improvements to the feature with iPadOS 14. If you don’t want to use third-party apps and your iPad is running on iPadOS 13 or later version, then you can utilize the built-in productivity feature and start saving scrolling screenshots on your device.

No matter which iPad you own, the method of taking a full-page screenshot is the same for all models. So, let’s take a look at the various methods.

How to Take Long Screenshot on iPad (Built-in Method)

You can quickly take a scrolling screenshot on your iPad without adding any extra app or enabling any settings. All you need is your iPad running on iPadOS 13 or later version. If you’re already on the newer iPadOS version, then you can follow these steps and save a full-page screenshot on your iPad.

how to take long screenshot on ipad
  1. Open the document, webpage, or email, which you want to save as a scrolling screenshot PDF.
  2. Press the Power Button and Volume Up simultaneously on your iPad.
  3. It will capture the screenshot, you can see the preview in the bottom left of your iPad’s screen.
  4. Tap the screenshot preview window to open the editing window.
  5. Select the Full Page tab on the right side of the page.
    how to take long screenshot on ipad
  6. You can check the highlight of the complete page on the right side of the screen.
  7. Adjust the screenshot part by holding the dragger available on the side.
    how to take long screenshot on ipad
  8. Once done, select Done at the top left corner.

Quick Tip: You can also use the Left Corner swipe gesture to quickly capture a screenshot and then select Full Page screenshot option.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPad using built-in Screen Recorder

iPad comes with a built-in screen recorder and you can take advantage of it to capture a quick video and share it with your friends. This is really helpful, you can also record your voice and explain what you want, here’s how you can use the screen recorder tool on your iPad.

how to take long screenshot on ipad
  1. First things first, add the Screen Recording shortcut to the control centre.
  2. Open Settings and select Control Centre.
  3. Under More Controls, you will find screen recording, select the + icon.
  4. Now open the document or webpage which you want to record.
  5. Open the control centre on your iPad with swipe down gesture.
    how to take long screenshot on ipad
  6. Select Screen Recording icon.
  7. It will start recording, once you are done, simply select the recording time at the top corner then stop recording.
how to take long screenshot on ipad

How to Take a Long Screenshot on iPad [with Third-Party apps]

Third-party apps are always there to bring extra functionalities to smart devices and the same can be said for iPad you will find a number of long screenshots app on the App Store which you can use to take a scrolling screenshot. For this tutorial, I am using Picsew – Screenshot Stitching app, you can use any app you want, here are the steps.

Before moving ahead, just want to mention this app will stitch multiple screenshots in one, so, you need to take multiple screenshots of documents like part 1 and part 2, and then merge them using the Picsew app. Here’s how you can do it.

how to take long screenshot on ipad
  1. Open the Picsew app on your iPad.
  2. Grant access to the Photos app.
  3. Select the screenshot which you want to stitch.
  4. Select the layout option – Vertical or Horizontal.
  5. On the next page, you can adjust the screenshot by selecting the pencil tool.
    how to take long screenshot on ipad
  6. Once done, simply tap the save icon at the top right corner.
  7. That’s it.
how to take long screenshot on ipad

So, these are some quick and easy ways to capture a scrolling screenshot on iPad.

If you have any queries regarding this, let us know in the comment section below. Also, share it with your friends.

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