How to Stream Amazon Prime Video on Discord

Amazon Prime Video is a popular video streaming service that lets you watch a number of movies and TV Shows in the comfort of your home either on your PC, Mobile or Smart TV. Because you get access to Prime Video by subscribing to Amazon prime, a number of people opt to stream content from this service. Even though the service is available in a number of countries, the shows and movies may not be available to all. So, if you are someone that wants to watch a particular show or movie that is not available in your friend’s region or vice versa, you can follow this guide on how you can stream Amazon Prime Video through Discord.

By now, you might have heard about Discord – a platform that is mainly used by gamers to communicate with each other. While you can communicate with your friends easily through Discord, do you also know that you can use Discord to host watch parties with your friends? Yes, that is right! Today’s guide will show you how to set up your Discord to stream Amazon Prime Video to your friends via your Discord server.


  • Amazon Prime account
  • Web Browser
  • Discord
  • Internet Connection
  • Some friends

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

  1. First off, you will want to launch your favorite web browser and sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  2. Now, you will have to enable hardware acceleration on your web browser.
  3. All you need to do is bring up the Settings page of your web browser.
  4. With the Settings page open, simply type in Hardware Acceleration n the search bar of the Settings page.
  5. From the results, you should see the Hardware Acceleration settings. Make sure to switch the toggle to On.
  6. Your browser will ask to be restarted. Once the web browser restarts, you should now be back to the Amazon Prime Videos page.
  7. Next, you will have to launch Discord. Make sure it’s updated to the latest version.
  8. Now, if you have your own server with your friends in it, well and good. Otherwise, it would be advisable to create your personal server and add your friends to it.
  9. With the server created, it is time to make adjust some settings in Discord.
  10. Click on the User Settings icon that is present next to your Discord username.
    how to stream hulu on discord
  11. The Settings page will now open. Scroll through the left pane and click on the Activity Status option.
  12. Over here, you will have to first set your web browser to be recognized as a game by Discord.
  13. Click on the blue Add It text. Over here you search for your web browser and add it.
    how to stream hulu on discord
  14. Now go back to the Settings page and click on Advanced.
  15. On your right, you will see the Hardware Acceleration toggle. Switch the toggle on.
    how to stream hulu on discord
  16. Your Discord app will force close itself and then restart.
  17. Once Discord has restarted, simply open your server and join a Voice Channel.
  18. A Screen option will be displayed at the bottom. Click on it.
  19. Now select the screen that you want to share and click on the Go Live button.
  20. And that is it! You are now streaming Amazon Prime Video to your friends on a Discord server.


And this is how you can organize and have an Amazon Prime Video watch party with your friends via Discord. The process is simple and easy. And as a matter of fact, you can follow this same process if you stream from services like Hulu, Netflix, or any other streaming service you can think of. We hope this guide has helped you to know how to stream Prime Video to your friends on Discord. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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