How to Share Your Screen using Google Duo on Android Phone

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app that lets you connect with your friends and family. And as you know that most of us now work from home. So we will need apps for meeting and video calling to support our work online. 

Google Duo is one of the great options to connect with colleagues through your phone. It also allows us to share screen during video calls. Here you will know how to share screen using Google Duo on Android phone.

The screen share option is now essential for meeting and working from home tasks. And so Google has recently rolled out an update that brings screen share option on Android phones. This makes Google Duo one of the Zoom competitors.

Guide to Share Screen using Google Duo on Android

As this is a new feature in Google Duo, many users may not be aware of it or how to use it. So we are here with this useful guide that will let you know how to share your screen using Google Duo on Android Phone.

This feature comes in handy if you are planning for a presentation through your phone. You can share the full screen of your phone with all the users joined in the meeting. Now let’s jump into the guide to share your screen using Google Duo on Android Phones. You can follow the below guide.

Steps to Share Screen on Google Duo

  1. Install the Google Duo app on your phone or update to the latest version if already installed.
  2. Open the Google Duo app and join the video or set up the video call.
  3. Once you are in the Video call, click on the effects icon from the right corner.How to Share Screen on Google Duo
  4. It will open up some options, click on Screen Share.How to Share Screen on Google Duo
  5. Now click on the Start Now button to confirm.How to Share Screen on Google Duo
  6. That’s all, now you can perform screen share with other users connected in the call.

You can check the screen share session information in the notification panel. You can present all the meeting content through an Android phone to your colleague or students. So this is an easy way to share your screen on Google Duo.

After completing the task or screen share you can easily close the screen share. Pull down the notification panel and click on the ‘End Screen Share’ button to stop sharing your phone screen. You can also click on the End Call button to end the call as well as to stop screen sharing.

It is an effective method for students or employees or users who need to join meetings through their smartphones. Till now the Screen Share feature is the best inclusion on Google Duo. And now you don’t need to use Google Meet or Zoom if you prefer Google Duo.

So that’s all for the guide to share screen using Google Duo on Android Phone. What’s your opinion on the latest screen share feature of Google Duo? Are you already using it to share your phone screen? If yes then share your experience with us. In case if you have any queries regarding Google Duo then let us know in the comment section below.

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