How to set up, reset and find Roku PIN [Roku Guide]

All modern devices and accounts require that they be secured with some sort of a PIN or a password. This is done to ensure that only the rightful people who own the account be authorized to make changes and purchases. This can also be set up so that kids don’t accidentally make a mess out of things. Do you know that you can set up a PIN for your Roku account? Here is a guide on how to set up a Roku PIN easily. Also, check if you can find Roku PIN.

What are the things that can be done when you have a Roku PIN set up? For starters, you can prevent anyone from adding or purchasing channels to your Roku account. It can also be done to control and put a limit on the number of purchases that can be done using the Roku account. This is all done because a Roku user might set up payment methods to make payments right away and there shouldn’t be accidental payments and changes taking place.

So, if you are a new Roku user or a long-time Roku user looking at how to change the PIN, read on to know more.

How to Set up a Roku PIN

  1. First things first on your PC or mobile, head over to the Roku website and login in with your credentials.
  2. Once you have signed in, simply head over to the My Accounts page.
  3. Now, select PIN Preference and then choose the Update button.
  4. Select the Change PIN option.
  5. Here you can simply enter a new PIN. You will have to enter it twice, so make sure to type the PIN correctly.
  6. After that, it will ask you how to set your PIN Usage Preference.
  7. The first option will say Always Require a PIN to make purchases and add items to the Channel Store,
  8. The second option is Always Require a PIN to make Purchases.
  9. You can choose from any of the above two options and then click on Save Changes.

How to find Roku PIN

In case if you forgot your Roku Pin, then you won’t be able to find it on your account. So you can’t see the Roku PIN once you set it. But if you forgot your Roku PIN, you can always reset, and set a New PIN right away. For best measure, it is always best to have the Roku PIN saved and stored in a secured place or remembered by heart as it saves you time from going ahead to reset and change the PIN.

This is how you can change your Roku PIN easily. While this PIN is required to add or purchase new channels to your Roku account, you need to note that this PIN will not affect the type of content that is being viewed. To be able to control such thighs, you will need to set up parental controls which require a different PIN to be able to access certain kinds of content made for different age groups.

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