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How to Set MP4 Videos as Live Wallpaper on Android Phones

Love Live Wallpapers, Here's a guide for you.

If you follow YTECHB then I am pretty sure you have got hands-on many amazing live wallpapers. All stock live wallpapers are available in the mp4 format. And so, we receive comments from our users that they are not able to apply the mp4 video as live wallpapers. And we decided to make a separate guide on how to set MP4 videos as Live Wallpaper on Android Phones. If you have the same question then this guide is for you.

Most OEM now operate their phone with a custom UI with extra features on top of stock Android. But sadly, wallpaper manager doesn’t allow to use mp4 videos as live wallpapers in any custom UI. Although you can apply default stock live wallpapers from the wallpaper picker, you can’t add other video wallpapers there.

To get any live wallpaper under the wallpaper picker, you need to install live wallpapers apk. But it is hard to find a wallpaper resource pack apk. And so, you will find the mp4 videos as live wallpapers from most of the sources. But don’t worry you can apply mp4 videos as live wallpapers on your Android Phone.

I bet that support for millions of third-party apps is one of the reasons you choose an Android phone. And you can do anything on your phone with the right selection of apps. It means if you have a live wallpaper in mp4 format, you can use it on your homescreen and lockscreen using third-party apps. And there are a bunch of apps that allow us to set live wallpapers in seconds. But here I am going to share the best and easiest method to set mp4 videos as live wallpapers.

How to Use Videos as Live Wallpaper on Android

As mentioned earlier, there are some popular third-party apps you can use on Android phones to make videos a live wallpaper. Here are some of these apps – Wallpapers by Google, Video Live Wallpaper by NAINGDroid, Video Wallpaper by ZipoApps, Live Video Wallpaper by Offline Games Studio, Video Live Wallpaper by Sociu, and more.

Here we are going to use the popular Video Live Wallpaper app that allows us to easily set any mp4 videos as Live Wallpaper on Android. It is a small app that doesn’t require much space on your phone. And the main reason I choose this app is it is very easy to operate.

Steps to Set MP4 Videos as Live Wallpaper

  1. Download and Install Video Live Wallpaper on your Android Phone.
  2. Also, download your favorite live wallpaper and move it to your phone. You can find many live wallpapers on our site.
  3. Open the Video Live Wallpaper app.
  4. Click on Choose Video option which will be the first option in the app.
    How to set mp4 video as live wallpaper
  5. Now it will show available mp4 videos, select the mp4 live wallpaper which you want to apply on your phone.
    How to apply mp4 video as live wallpaper
  6. On the next screen click on the small wallpaper icon on the top right corner.
    How to use mp4 video as live wallpaper
  7. You can now preview the mp4 live wallpaper if you want. Make sure to uncheck Preview for the next step.
  8. Now click on the Set Wallpaper button. And select if you want to apply video wallpaper in Home Screen or both Home Screen and Lock Screen.
    How to use mp4 video as live wallpaper
  9. That’s it, now close the app and you will find the mp4 live wallpaper applied in homescreen and lockscreen.

You can use any third-party app that you like for applying Videos as Live Wallpaper. The app we mentioned in this guide also allows you to create live wallpapers from videos using trim and audio control options. It means if you find any mesmerizing scene on any movie or tv show, you can trim that part and apply it on your Android phone.

Static wallpapers are easy to apply on smartphones, but Live Wallpapers are the best if you don’t mind some battery consumption. And with this method, you will be able to apply Live Wallpapers as easy as static wallpapers.

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Many OEMs like Samsung already know the importance of live wallpapers. And so, you will find stock live wallpapers on most Android phones. But still, the stocks are limited and if you like to use live wallpapers from other sources you can use this guide.

So, there you have it, the complete guide on how to apply MP4 videos as Live Wallpaper on Android phone. I hope you find the guide helpful, and if you do, then share it with your friends who like live wallpapers. And in case if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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