How to See What Discord Servers Someone Is In

Discord has been around for six years now and it has been getting better and better with new updates. The platform is particularly popular amongst gamers. Considering that Discord can be accessed on your mobile, PC, and some consoles. You can even host group audio and video calls, create your servers and even screen share and go live from your PC to your friends. There are many servers and communities that you can join on Discord. Now, if you have a lot of friends you might want to know what servers they are in so that you can join them as well. Here will know how to see what discord servers someone is in.

Discord servers and communities are available in plenty on the platform. You can join ones that are for gamers, software, apps, and even your social media celebrities. Now, why would you want to know what servers your friends are in? Well. it could be possible that they are in a server that you might be interested in and would eventually like to join it as well. Also, like how they say, you meet new people in games online, similarly, you could make and meet new friends in servers across Discord. So, let’s take a look and see if you can look at what Discord servers your friends are in.

Can you See What Discord Servers your friends are in?

So, the big question here is, can you see what servers your friends have joined in? Well, the answer is no. The only servers that you will be able to see are the mutual ones. The ones that you and the other person are in. For Privacy reasons Discord does not allow you to see what other servers your friends or other people are in apart from the mutual ones. Follow these steps to see what mutual servers you and other people or your friends are in.

Check Mutual Servers in Discord on PC

  1. Open up Discord and let it check for updates if any.
  2. Now, click on the Home icon that is at the top left of the screen. It will have the Discord logo on it.
  3. You will now see a list of all your friends that have added you or you have added on Discord.
  4. Select any friend from the list.
  5. If you and the friend are on the same servers, you will see it mentioned right away on the chat screen.
  6. To see what mutual servers are there between you and the person, simply click on the person’s name on top.
  7. You will now see a small window that pops up. It will have the User Info and Mutual Servers tabs.
    Check Mutual Servers in Discord on PC
  8. Click on Mutual Servers. It will now show you the servers that are common between you and the person.
    Check Mutual Servers in Discord on PC
  9. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see what other servers the person has joined.
  10. The same can be said when your friend wants to know and see what other servers you have joined.

Check Mutual Servers in Discord on Android and iOS

  1. Ensure that the Discord app on your device is updated to the latest version.
  2. Now, open the Discord app and tap on the Home icon.
  3. The Home button will have the picture of a conversation bubble.
  4. Now, your discord friends list will appear.
  5. Simply select the friend whom you wish to check what servers they are on.
  6. With the chat screen open, simply tap on the name at the top.
  7. This will bring up the right-side panel.
    Check Mutual Servers in Discord on Phone
  8. Tap on the person’s name. You will see various details about the person.
    Check Mutual Servers in Discord on Phone
  9. Swipe the screen up and you will see the Mutual Servers option. Tap on it.
    Check Mutual Servers in Discord on Phone
  10. It will now show you the number and list of mutual servers between you and the person.

This is how you can find out mutual Discord servers between you and other people or friends. For privacy concerns, Discord does not show you what other non-mutual or private servers the other person is on. To do that, the best you can do is probably ask them what servers they are in or just join various servers in Discord that you might think the person is in. This is however a waste of time and shouldn’t be done. Simply ask them and if they’re comfortable enough to share then it’s good.

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