How to Root Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Unlock Bootloader

Samsung introduced its latest generation clamshell aka Galaxy Z Flip 3 in August 2021. The tech company also introduced new foldable phones. Samsung has made the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 close to perfect. The device is a balanced combination of portability, hardware, and performance. If you have a Galaxy Z Flip 3 and are looking for a root guide, this guide is for you. Here you will know how to root Galaxy Z Flip 3 and how to unlock bootloader of Galaxy Z Flip.

The first gen of Galaxy flip raises many doubts if it can handle the environment of being used as a daily driver without breaking, but the phone turned out great. Of Course, there were some issues as it was the first screen flip phone. But it seems like everyone is liking the latest Galaxy Z Flip 3. It comes with a bigger cover screen compared to previous flip phones. It means you will have more customization options like widgets and wallpapers.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a premium phone with a gorgeous design and amazing performance. Since its form factor is different, you would want to try some different types of customizations. And this is where root privilege kicks in. You can root Galaxy Z Flip 3 for modifications and customizations. We will also share how to unlock bootloader of Galaxy Z Flip 3.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Rooting Samsung phones is not as easy as it used to be. It is now complex and small mistakes can brick your phone. But there is already a flash tool for Samsung that can help in these situations. Despite all these issues rooting a phone is worth it as it opens the door for advanced customizations and features that are not available by default. And as rooting requires an unlocked bootloader, first let’s check how to unlock bootloader of Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Unlock Bootloader

Bootloader is a security feature on Android phones but it also restricts you from modifying your phone like rooting or installing custom ROMs. So to root the phone first you have to unlock bootloader. Each OEM has a different process for unlock bootloader. If you don’t know, Samsung has restricted the camera function on Galaxy Z Fold 3 on unlocking bootloader. Luckily no Galaxy Z Flip 3 user has reported this issue. So you can follow the guide to unlock bootloader of Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Note: Samsung doesn’t allow unlocking bootloader of Galaxy phones with Snapdragon processors in most of the regions. Confirm if your phone comes with the option to unlock the bootloader.

  1. First, take a full backup of your Galaxy Z Flip3 as unlocking bootloader will delete all data from your device.
  2. Once you have the backup, open Settings on your phone and go to About Phone > Software Information. Look for Build Number and Tap on it about 7-8 times to enable developer options. It will show ‘You are now a developer’.
  3. Go back to the main Settings and then go to Additional Settings > Developer Options. Now enable OEM unlocking in Developer Options. Also enable USB Debugging just in case.
    Samsung Note 20 Ultra unlock bootloader
  4. After enabling the OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging power off your device. Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down and connect your phone to your PC.
  5. It will show a Warning screen on your phone, and now you can release both buttons. Now long press Volume Up button and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will show the bootloader screen.
  6. Long press the Volume Up button once again and now the unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will start and wipe all data. Reboot your phone.

After unlocking the bootloader you can verify for the OEM unlocking by checking the unlock mode in download mode. And once everything looks fine, you can proceed with rooting steps. But make sure to go through the prerequisite section.


Steps to Root Galaxy Z Flip 3 with Magisk

  1. Extract the downloaded Galaxy Z Flip3 on your computer and check for the AP file (file starting with AP). Now extract the boot image (boot.img.lz4) from AP file. And convert the file to tar format using 7 Zip.
  2. Copy the boot tar file to your phone.
  3. Install Magisk app on your phone. Skip this step if the app is already installed on your device.
  4. Open the app on your phone and click on Install.
    How to Root Samsung Galaxy S21
  5. A pop up will appear, where you need to choose ‘Select and Patch a File’.
    How to Root Samsung Galaxy S21
  6. Browse and select the boot tar file and wait for the patching process. It can take a few seconds to patch the file. The output will be saved in download folder as magisk_patched.tar.
  7. Copy the patched tar file to your PC. Boot your phone into download mode.
  8. Open the Odin Flash Tool on your PC. On the right side of the tool, load the magisk patched file in AP. Make sure to uncheck Auto Reboot in Options tab.
    Root Samsung Phones
  9. After completing all the previous steps, click on the Start button (considering your phone is connected to PC). It will start flashing the patched Magisk file to your phone.
  10. It will give a Pass message on completion and your device will reboot. Do a factory reset, if the device is stuck in bootloop.
  11. After reboot, turn on the internet connection on your phone. Install Magisk Manager if it’s not present on your phone. Open the app and perform the steps that come in a dialog box.

That’s it, you now have root access on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. You can now enjoy apps and features that require root access. Also, if you like to try modules then you can also use various Xposed Modules on your phone. Here you can also check how to install Xposed Framework on Android 11.

So, there you have it, the complete guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Series along with a guide to unlock bootloader of Galaxy Z Flip 3. And if you have any queries let us know in the comment section below.

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