How to Root Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL with Magisk (Guide)

Google has released two much-awaited smartphones in mid-October named Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL. Pixel 4 phones have unique and futuristic features like hand gestures where you have to wave your hand and control your phone. But this is not available in all the counties. You can also improve and manage your Pixel 4 like the way you want. Here you will know how to root Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL. how to root Pixel 4 XL

We will be using only Magisk to root Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL. Recently Google released the kernel source of both the phones, which means development must have already started. And many of the developers are already working on it. But as of now, you can root your Pixel 4 without any problem.

Rooting will open several customizing options that users don’t get by default. You can set custom Fonts, custom boot Animation, and much more. Rooting also allows taking full system backup of your phone to restore data if anything goes wrong. Other than that, you can also install various modules to get extra features on your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. Let’s now begin the Pixel 4 rooting guide.

Root Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

In this guide, we will only use the Magisk to root Pixel 4. It is the best method for users who don’t have a custom recovery. But if you have a custom recovery like TWRP, then you can directly flash Magisk zip to root Pixel 4. I have divided the long guide into a few short guides for your convenience. But before you start following the steps, first make sure to collect all the tools in prerequisites.


Patch Boot Image with Magisk

To root Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, you need first to patch the boot image which comes in the firmware. To patch the boot image, we will use the Magisk Manager App (developed by John Wu).

  1. Transfer the downloaded Firmware file to your computer.
  2. Extract the Firmware zip file and extract the boot.img.
  3. Copy the boot.img to your phone storage.
  4. Install the latest Magisk Manager on your Pixel 4/4 XL. After installing if it shows to update then update it.
  5. Open the Magisk Manager App and click Install > Install (First one). how to root Pixel 4 XL
  6. Now choose the option ‘Select and Patch a File’. how to root Pixel 4 XL
  7. Browse and select the boot.img file and the Magisk Manager will start patching the file.
  8. After patching the file, it will save the patched file (magisk_patched.img) in the Download folder.

This is how you can patch any boot image using Magisk Manager. After patching, you need to install the patch file on your Phone to root your Pixel 4.

Steps to Root Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL

Follow the below steps to root Pixel 4 by installing the patched image.

  1. Copy the magisk_patched.img file to your computer in C:\adb location.
  2. Rename the magisk_patched to boot.img. how to root Pixel 4 XL
  3. Power off your phone and boot your phone into Bootloader Mode.
  4. Then connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  5. In C:\adb location press Shift + Right click on an empty area and select ‘Open PowerShell window here’ or ‘Open Command window here’. how to root Pixel 4 XL
  6. In the Command/PowerShell window, enter the below command to check if the device is connected or not. Given command should return some id.
    • fastboot devices
  7. Now enter the below command to flash the boot.img to root Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL.
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  8. After entering the above command, your Pixel 4 will be rooted.
  9. Now restart the device and install the Magisk Manager, only if not installed.
  10. Open the Magisk Manager and follow the in-app instructions.
  11. Then the device will auto reboot, and that’s all.

Now your Pixel 4 is successfully rooted. Now you will be able to take full advantage of root like taking a full backup, setting custom fonts, and more. Magisk is the best option to root because even after rooting the phone will pass SafetyNet. Also, you can hide the root access from any particular app from the Magisk Hide feature.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to root Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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