How to Factory Reset and Pair Xfinity Remote

Today, we’re going to tell you how you can reset your Xfinity remote and pair it back with your Xfinity streaming box or TV.

Xfinity is a popular cable and internet provider in the US. All of their hardware works great; as is the case with every remote. Sometimes, the buttons become unresponsive and stop working, and the remote fails to function properly. Thankfully, the good part about Xfinity remotes is that you can easily get them fixed by performing a reset. However, before doing so, replace the batteries on the remote control, as that might be the reason why it becomes unresponsive. If that does not work, read on to explore more.

When the remote fails to function properly, it can be annoying. It gets even worse when the device is in a physically perfect condition with no internal and external damages whatsoever. The good part about these remotes is that you can easily get them fixed. Yes, these remotes can be fixed by performing a reset on them.

Let’s take a look at how you can reset different remotes that you get when you purchase an Xfinity streaming box.

How to Reset Xfinity Remotes

There are different Xfinity remotes available out there and the steps that you need to follow to reset these remotes have been mentioned below. Choose your Xfinity remote and follow the steps to reset it.

how to reset xfinity remote

How to Reset Xfinity XR16 Voice Remote

  1. Ensure that you have fresh batteries installed into your remote.
  2. Press and hold the I button and home button.
  3. Keep the buttons pressed until the status light on the remote blinks. This will take you about 5 seconds or so.
  4. Now, press the Power, Left Arrow, and Volume Down buttons.
  5. This button sequence concludes the factory reset of your Xfinity remote.

Pair XR16 Remote to Xfinity Flex TV Box

Once you have performed a reset of the remote, it is now time to pair the remote back to your Xfinity device. Here is how you can pair the remote.

  • Plug in the TV Box to a power source and ensure that it is connected to your TV.
  • Now, point the remote at the TV box and press the Voice button once.
  • You will see the set of instructions on the screen to pair the remote. Follow them
  • In this way, you will be able to use the remote with your Xfinity Flex TV  Box

Pair XR16 remote to Control TV or Audio Device

You can also use the Xfinity remote to control any smart TV or audio device such as home theaters or soundbars. Here are the steps.

  • Install fresh batteries into your remote.
  • Press and hold the voice button. Now say Program Remote as the voice command.
  • You can also pair the remote by opening the Settings menu followed by Remote Settings and finally Voice Remote Programming.
  • With the paring process completed, press the Power button on the remote to turn the TV off.
  • Now, switch it back on and check if the volume and mute buttons are working perfectly.

How to Reset Xfinity XR11 Voice Remote

If the buttons and their functions are irresponsive, you might have to perform a factory reset of the Xfinity remote. Here are the steps to it.

  1. Press and hold the Setup button on the XR11 remote till the LED light at the top changes from red to green.
  2. Now, press the numbers  9, 8, and 1 on the numeric keypad of the remote.
  3. As soon as you punch in the numbers, the LED indicator on the remote will blink twice.
  4. Now, your XR11 remote has been reset.

Pair the XR11 Remote with Xfinity TV Box

  • Make sure that the remote is in line of sight with your Xfinity TV Box.
  • Press the A button and choose  Remote Setup.
  • The TV Boc will now ask if you wish to use the remote to control your TV’s power and volume functions.
  • Choose the Yes option. You will have to choose Yes again when it asks if you wish to use the remote to control your TV.
  • Enter int eh brand of your TV when asked by the Xfinity TV Box.
  • It will now display that your remote is ready to pair. So, press the OK button.
  • Use the volume controls and see if it can function with your TV. If it does, choose the option that reads It Works. If not, simply choose  Doesn’t Work and repeat the steps.

How to Reset Xfinity XR15 Voice Remote

If you’re using an XR15 remote that is not functioning correctly, you can follow these steps to perform a factory reset of the remote.

  1. Press and hold the A and D buttons on your XR15 remote.
  2. Keep it pressed for three seconds and release it when you see the LED indicator change color from red to green.
  3. Now press 9, 8, and 1 on your XR15 remote.
  4. The LED indicator now will blink three times. Your remote has now been reset.

Pair the XR15 Remote with Xfinity X1 or Flex

  1. Switch your TV on and ensure your remote has good batteries.
  2. Now, press and hold the Xfinity and Mute buttons for five seconds.
  3. At this time the LED indicator on your remote should change from red to green.
  4. On your PC, open up the Remote Code Lookup Tool.
  5. In the tool, choose the brand of the TV and note down the first five-digit code
  6. Enter the five-digit code on your TV using the remote.
  7. The remote will blink the green LED twice if the code is correct.
  8. In case of an incorrect code, the LED indicator will change to red.
  9. Once you have found the right code to pair the remote to your TV, press the power buttons and also test if the volume and mute buttons are working perfectly.
  10. If they work, the remote has been paired. If not, you will have to try another code.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you reset the Xfinity remote?

If the Xfinity remote control isn’t working even after replacing the batteries, you need to perform a reset. Before resetting the remote, keep in mind that it returns the remote to its original factory settings, which means all the settings will be lost and you will have to pair it with your TV and other devices again in order to control them.

Why does the Xfinity remote blink a red light several times when I press a key?

If the Xfinity remote’s LED blinks red five times when you press any button, it means that the batteries of your remote control are low and you need to replace them in order to use it without any interruption.

This is how you can perform a factory reset on your Xfinity remote. We have also mentioned the steps to pair them back to the Xfinity devices, like the TV, and use the remote to control them. I hope this article helped you know the steps to factory reset your Xfinity remote.

Please share any additional inquiries related to the feature in the comments section. Also, share this information with your friends and family and let them be aware of it.

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