How to Reset Element TV with or without Remote [4 Ways]

Element TV has grown in popularity because of its outstanding features and elegant look. However, there could be situations in which you need to reset Element TV to fix a problem or improve its performance. This article will guide you through the process to reset Element TV.

Why You May Want to Reset Your Element TV?

Resetting your Element TV might be useful in a variety of situations. It might help in getting rid of issues such as:

Network Connectivity Issues: If your Wi-Fi or other devices aren’t connecting, a reset can refresh the network settings and possibly fix the problem.

Software Issues: Element TV, like any other electrical gadget, may encounter software issues that affect its ability to function. Resetting it can often resolve small issues and restore normal functioning.

Slowdown in Performance: As time passes, your TV’s performance might decrease as a result of accumulated temporary data and background activities. These can be cleared with a reset.

How to Reset Element TV With Remote

Resetting the Element TV is a simple process that can be done with the remote control and the TV’s menu. Follow the below steps to reset Element TV quickly.

Step 1: On the remote control, press the Menu button, and it will open the main menu on your screen.

How To Reset Element TV With Remote?

Step 2: Scroll down and select Settings from the menu that appears on the screen by pressing the OK button, but if your remote does not have an OK button, press the Volume Up button.

How To Reset Element TV With Remote?

Step 3: Next, tap on General and select the Restore Default option.

How To Reset Element TV With Remote?

Step 4: If you are using a password on your television, you will be prompted to enter it. Also, the default pin for Element TV is 0000 or 00000.

Once done, your Element TV will be reset to default settings after you input the password.

If you don’t see the above-listed options on your Element TV, it’s likely that the model of your TV is different. Nevertheless, worry not; there are still steps to reset the TV:

Step 1: On your remote, press the Home button, and the TV menu will then appear on your TV screen.

Step 2: Go through the menu until you reach the Settings section and tap on it.

Step 3: Next, choose Storage & Reset from the menu that appears.

Step 4: Now, select Factory Data Reset and enter your TV password if you have one to confirm the action.

Once you do, it will reset the Element TV to factory settings after a few moments.

How to Reset Element TV Without Remote

If your Element TV’s remote isn’t working, you can’t find it, or you don’t have one, you can use the methods below to reset Element TV without a remote.

Step 1: First of all, switch on your Element TV.

Step 2: Next, find the little reset button hidden behind your television. After finding it, long-press the Reset button.

Step 3: Hold down the Reset button until your TV screen goes blank and the Element logo displays.

Step 4: When the Element logo displays on the screen, release the Reset button.

Finally, wait some time for the factory reset to finish, and your Element TV will be restored to its default settings.

How to Reset Element Roku TV With Remote

If you have an Element Roku TV, the steps to reset it are very straightforward. Follow the below steps to reset Element Roku TV with the remote.

Step 1: Press the Home key on your remote to access the home screen.

Step 2: Scroll the menu and enter Settings by tapping the right arrow key.

Step 3: Next, open System, look for Advanced System Settings, and open it.

Step 4: Choose Factory Reset from the options that appear, then select Factory Reset Everything.

Step 5: To confirm the reset, enter the 4-digit code, and your Element Roku TV will be reset to its original settings.

How to Reset Element Roku TV Without Remote

To factory reset the Element Roku TV without a remote control, follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, turn on your TV.

Step 2: Locate the Reset button on the back of your TV, then press and hold it until it reboots and the Roku logo appears on the screen.

Once it reboots, it will be reset, meaning all data on your Roku TV will be erased, and you will need to re-configure your TV.


Resetting the Element TV can be an effective troubleshooting solution for a variety of performance and software issues. You can ensure a smooth and effective reset process by following the step-by-step guide given above. Before beginning the reset, observe and make a note of key settings.

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