How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy Phones

If you want to record an important phone conversation, you can utilize the call recording feature. However it is not available on all phones. Samsung users are in luck, as there’s a built-in call recording feature that’s easily accessible. If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, here’s how to record phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

We never know when a recorded conversation might come in handy, and that’s why many users prefer to record their calls. However, it’s crucial to use call recording ethically. Many times we wish we had recorded that call. And so to avoid these situations you can follow this guide to enable call recording on Samsung.

Can you Record a Phone Call on Samsung Phone?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy phones come with inbuilt call recording feature. This function records phone calls either manually or automatically, depending on the user’s preference. It’s worth noting that this feature doesn’t work during WiFi calling. Samsung users also have the option to use third-party apps for call recording, it’s advisable to stick with the in-built call recorder.

Should you Record Calls?

Now that you know it is possible to record calls on Samsung, a common question that crosses everyone’s mind at least once is: Should I record calls or not? You can record phone calls only for ethical reasons and only if it is legal in your state or country.

The call recording feature comes in handy when you want to note down something the other person share with you. And so it’s the easiest way to save that information is by recording it rather than writing it down. Also, it can be helpful when an agent is providing information about a product you may be interested in. There could be other reasons to record calls depending on the situation.

On Samsung phones, you can either enable automatic phone call recording or you can also record phone calls manually. Here you will learn about both methods.

How to Record Phone Calls Automatically on Samsung Phone

Make sure you are using the stock dialer and not any third party dialer.

  1. Open the Samsung Phone app on your device.
  2. Tap on the three dots available in the right corner.
  3. Now from the options, choose Settings.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  4. Under call settings, you will find many options, select Record Calls.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  5. Now turn on the toggle for Auto Record Calls.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  6. To see more options tap on the Auto record calls text and you will be able to choose between:
    • All Calls
    • Calls with unsaved numbers
    • Calls with specific numbers
How to Record Calls on Samsung phones

Depending on your settings, the device will automatically record calls when you are on a call from a specific number, unsaved numbers, or all calls.

To disable Auto call recording on Samsung, follow the same process but in the last turn the toggle to Off.

How to Manually Record a Phone Call on a Samsung Phone

If you want to use call recording only when it is needed and not all the time, you can manually start call recording whenever you are on a call. This is best if you want to save storage and don’t want to record all calls. Here’s how to record phone calls manually.

  1. Accept or Make a call on your Samsung Galaxy phone using the stock dialer.
  2. When you are on a call, tap the three dots on the phone call screen.
  3. Tap the Record Call option and Accept the T&C.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  4. It will start recording the call and you will see the Recording sign with a timer.

Once you end the call, the recording will save on the device. Using the manual method you can choose to record calls when it’s needed.

How to Find Recorded Calls on Samsung Phone

The whole point of recording calls is so that you can access them later. All call recordings are saved in a default folder unless you have changed the default location. If you are using call recording on Samsung for the first time, you may need a guide to find recorded calls. Here’s the step.

Method 1:

  1. Open the stock Phone app.
  2. Tap the three dots on the right side and select Settings.
  3. Now go to the Record Calls option and select Recorded Calls.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  4. It will take you to the folder where all phone call recordings are saved.
  5. You can look for any particular recording by the contact name or number.

Method 2:

  1. Open the My Files app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Go to Recording followed by Calls.
    How to Record Calls on Samsung phones
  3. All phone call recordings will be at this location.

Can You use third party apps to record calls Samsung?

Google has removed call recording apps from Play Store, and popular apps like Truecaller removed the call recording feature from its app to comply with Google policy. But you can still sideload third party apps to record calls on Samsung. However, it is advised to use only inbuilt recorder and not third party apps unless it is from a trusted source.

No, Call recording is only legal in certain regions. There are many regions where the law prohibits call recording. In certain regions, obtaining consent from both parties is a legal requirement for recording calls. So the answer may vary depending on the region you are living in. So be sure to check the laws in your area.

So now you know how to enable and use the call recording feature on Samsung Galaxy phones. You can use automatic call recording with select filters, and record calls manually. We also shared how to find recorded calls in the storage. The call recording feature must be used ethically and the recorded calls must be used wisely.

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