How to Program a new Roku Remote to your TV [Guide]

Smart TVs need a particular device to let the user control them. The Remote is one of the most important devices to a TV. Sure it might be just a small little device, but it is the device to control your TV, From changing the output source to sound levels and to even changing channels on a cable network. Sure, your TV might have a few physical buttons on itself, but they do not cover all the functions that you would need. While for many remotes if you ever lost them you get simply get a replaceable one and go back to using it. This is, however, not the case with Roku and its Remotes. You can follow this guide to completely understand how to program Roku Remote to TV.

Roku devices are popular because of the added fact that you get a host of various services to use right away. From streaming all the popular apps to watching free-to-air local channels, you have it all. Now, there could be a reason why you might add a new remote. It could be because your previous remote got lost or is broken or, it could also be that you plan to get the new Roku Voice Pro remotes. Whatever the case may be, it also ways simple and easy to program a new remote to your Roku. Read on to know more.

How to Program Roku Remote to TV

You can use the below steps to connect or program the Roku Voice Remote Pro, Roku Voice Remote, or the Roku Simple Remote.

First things first, you need to get the new remote and plug in a fresh set of batteries. While you are at it, press the button that is present under the battery cover hatch.

Upon pressing it, a small light will begin to blink. This means that the remote is into paring mode. In most cases, your remote will automatically connect to the TV, but if it is not connecting with the TV, then you can follow the next steps.

Using the old Roku remote or your Roku mobile app brings the Menu up by pressing the Home button.

Select the Settings option from the list. Now, head over to Remotes and Devices, then click on the pair a New Device option. You need to choose the Remote option over here.

The Roku device will now begin to look for available unpaired Roku remotes. Once the Roku device finds the remote, it will initiate the pairing process. This can take about a minute or two to be complete. Once the pairing has been done, you will now be able to use the new Roku remote right away without any issues.

How to unpair Roku Enhanced Remote

If you wish to unpair or remove the old remote from your Roku device, the process is very simple. Simply press and hold the Home, Back, and Pairing buttons at the same time. Hold them for about 5 seconds or so. During this process, the light will blink thrice and stop. This indicates that the remote has been unpaired from the particular Roku device. If you try to press any of the buttons on the remote, it will no longer be detected by the Roku device. This indicates the remote has now been unpaired.


And this is how you can program a new Roku remote to your Roku device. So you see, the process will take you just a minute or so to set up the new remote and get it back to functioning like a regular remote. Also, unpairing them is a simple easy process. Alternatively, you can simply just remove batteries from the old remote and put them away instead n unpairing them.

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