How to program DirecTV Remote to Toshiba TV [Guide]

Televisions remotes are an essential part of the living room, considering you use your TV for not just watching channels, but also stream and even use the TV as a projection display, The remote becomes a super handy device. Things can get worse if you have for example lost the remote or just have a broken remote altogether. Things can get better if you still use the cable network from DirecTV. Why? Well, you can use the DirecTV remote as your TV remote for your Toshiba TV. Read on to know how to program DirecTV remote to Toshiba TV.

Toshiba Smart TVs are pretty good. You get decent TV models for a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you are someone that still prefers cable networks over-using the internet for watching your news and sports chances are that you might have heard or maybe even be using the DirecTV cable network. It comes with a DirecTV setup box that you can use to view channels as well as see what programs are going to be aired during the day. Anyway, if you have the DirecTV remote with you here is a guide on how to program the DirecTV remote to your Toshiba Smart TV.

Program DirecTV Remote to Toshiba TV

  1. First things first, ensure your DirecTV remote has working batteries.
  2. Next, you need to power off the DirecTV set-top box. Just power it off and not disconnect it.
  3. Grab your DirecTV remote slide the switch from the set-top box to the TV. Sliding the switch from left to right.
  4. Now on your PC or Mobile phone, head over to the DirecTV Remote Control Code Lookup page.
  5. Now, select the type of DirecTV remote you have.
  6. The model number of the remote will be mentioned in the top left corner of the remote.
  7. After you have selected the DirecTV remote model, you will be asked to choose between a set-top box and the TV.
  8. Select the TV option.
  9. Now, you need to select the brand f the TV that you have. In this case, search for and select Toshiba.
  10. Now, you will have to select the model number of your Toshiba TV.
  11. This model number will usually be present at the corners or the back of your TV.
  12. If you have the model number, select it from the list.
  13. But, if the number isn’t mentioned, or you do not know the model number of your TV, simply select I Do Not Know the Model Number.
  14. Here is the important step. You need to press the Select and Mute buttons on the DirecTV remote simultaneously.
  15. Make sure to keep the buttons pressed until you see the LED light on the remote flashes twice.
  16. On the DirecTV Code Lookup page, you will find several codes.
  17. Simply type in the 5-digit codes on the remote.
  18. If the first code does not work, you can always try the other codes mentioned in the list.
  19. When you find the right code, the DirecTV remote can be used to power up and be used as a regular remote for your Toshiba TV.


And this is how you can use the DirecTV remote for your Toshiba TV. Now, sometimes not all codes will work the best. So try changing the Toshiba TV model in the lookup page and try those codes too. There are high chances that you might get the code right in the first few tries.

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If you still have any queries on using the DirecTV remote with Toshiba TV, then drop a comment in the comment box.

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