How to Program Cox Remote to TV [Guide]

Having a single universal remote for your TV and set-top box is a pretty big deal. For starters, you wouldn’t have to worry about a bunch of remotes occupying the table or your couch plus you don’t have to worry about checking the remotes for their batteries. However, you are in luck if you’ve got a Cox set-top box since the remote can also be programmed to be used as a TV remote. A two in one remote you could say. Anyway, if you have the Cox remote with you, or you plan to buy a set-top box soon, this guide will be quite handy as it talks about how to program Cox remote to TV.

Since we have spoken about the advantages of why having a single remote is better than having two, it would be also important to know how to program the remote to be used with the TV. Now, unlike the DirecTV Remote, where the functions for most remotes are the same, this is not the case with the Cox remote. Each Cox remote has a different method that needs to be followed to make it work with your TV. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right to how to program your Cox remote to your TV.

How to Program Cox Contour Remote to TV

  1. Before we begin the process, you would need to have the code for your particular TV model
  2. A simple Google search should be able to get you the TV codes needed to be used with the Cox Contour remote.
  3. Now, press and hold the Setup button on the Cox Contour remote.
    how to program cox remote to tv
  4. Keep the button pressed until the LED bulb at the top changes from Red to Green color.
  5. Once the LED turns green leave the Setup button.
  6. Now you’ll have to enter the code for your particular TV model, you can check it from the manual.
  7. It would be a 4 or 5-digit code.
  8. When you’ve entered the correct code, the green LED on the remote will flash twice.
  9. This now concludes the programming of the Cox Contour remote to your TV.
  10. The power, volume and, video input can be changed using the Cox Contour remote.

These are some most common codes you can use to pair a Cox Contour remote.

  • Roku – 1756
  • LG – 2731, 1423, 1755, 1178, 2424, 0178, 2834, 1993
  • Samsung – 2051, 0812, 1632, 0702, 0060, 0766, 1959
  • Vizio – 1758, 1756, 0864, 088i5, 2512

How to Program Cox Remote to TV without Code

  1. Grab the Cox Contour remote and press and hold the Setup button.
  2. Once the light changes from Red to Green, Press the number keys in this order 9 9 1.
  3. The LED indicator will flash once.
  4. Now keep pressing the channel up button on the remote until your TV turns itself off.
  5. As soon as the TV turns off, you need to press the setup button once.
  6. The code has now been locked in for your TV.
  7. You can now use the remote to power up, change volume, channels and input sources easily.


And this is how you can program the Cox Contour remote to your TV. Whether you have the TV code with you or not won’t matter since there are methods for both situations that allow you to program the remote to your TV. Now if you have found the TV codes, you might have to try all of them so that you get the right one.

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We hope this guide has helped you understand how to program the Cox Contour remote to your TV. In case of any queries, feel free to leave them below.

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