How to Prevent Vizio Smart TV from Turning Itself Off

If your Vizio TV is turning off itself, you are not alone, as many users are facing the same issue. Vizio smart TVs are known to be high-quality and affordable. But that doesn’t mean they are free from errors. One common issue that users are facing is that it’s frequently turning off after some time.

Today, you will learn how you can prevent Vizio smart TV from turning itself off.

Imagine watching a live telecast of a sports event, or maybe you are streaming a new movie, and suddenly your Vizio Smart TV decides to turn itself off! You might wonder, well, have the lights gone out? Did someone press any buttons? Or has a software update just been downloaded? You wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

In this guide, we will be talking about the few reasons why your Vizio TV might be turning itself off and how you can solve or fix this issue.

How to Fix Vizio Smart TV from Turning Itself Off

Smart TVs are known to make life easier. You can simply download your favorite app and stream movies or watch live TV right away. While it may seem like all fun and games, there are times when smart TVs just fail to be smart. You know, like when they have some small issues.

Vizio Smart TVs are known to have a particular problem that can be very annoying. The TV simply turns itself off. Now, there could be many reasons as to why the TV turns itself off, and in this guide, we will be looking at how to fix the issues of the Vizio Smart TV turning itself off.

There are many reasons why the Vizio Smart TV might be turning itself off. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see how to fix these issues.

Sleep Timer

Now, with a lot of electronic devices, they have a special mode called eco-mode or power mode. Your Vizio Smart TV also has a special power-saving mode. This power-saving mode kick in when the TV is not being used for a certain time. In this case, the TV puts itself into sleep mode or just gradually shuts down. Here is how you can change this power mode.

Step 1: From the home screen, select the Settings option.

Step 2: With the Settings page open, scroll and select the System option.

Step 3: With the System menu open, select the Power Mode settings.

Step 4: Select it and see if the selected mode is set to Eco. If it is, you need to change it to Quick-Start.

Step 5: Your Vizio TV should now stop suddenly turning itself off for no reason.

For some models, you need to navigate to Settings > System > Timers > Sleep Timer and turn it off.

Adjust Power Scheduling

If you have enabled a timer for your Vizio Smart TV to power up or power off, this can be a reason that at a certain particular time, the TV simply decides to power itself off. Here is how you can disable the auto-power-off feature.

Step 1: Press the Menu button on the remote control and navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Now, scroll and select the Timers option.

Step 3: Select the Auto Power option and see if it has been set to On.

Step 4: If the option is set to On, select it and choose the Off option.

Your Vizio Smart TV will now no longer power itself off at a particular time.

Power Cycle the Smart TV

In such cases, when the TV is simply switching itself off, you might need to simply perform a power cycle if you suspect it has nothing to do with the above two settings. For this, simply power the TV off, disconnect it from the power source, leave it like that for a few minutes, and then plug it back into the power source. The TV should now be functioning perfectly after performing this soft reset.

Check for Damaged Cables

If the Vizio Smart TV that you are using has some damaged power cables, then it could be a sign that the TV isn’t receiving its power properly, and it is time to either get the wire replaced or get yourself a new TV altogether. Apart from that, you need to check the TV’s plug to see if there are burn marks or any kind of black spots. If there is, it’s probably time to get some repairs done.

Let the TV Cool Down

There might be chances that your TV will turn off itself because of safety measures against overheating. To confirm it, just touch the back of the Vizio TV to see if it’s overheating or not. If it’s, power off the TV and let it rest for a few minutes or until it cools down. Once it cools down, turn on your Vizio TV, and it should not turn off.

Update the TV

If your Vizio TV is running on an outdated software version, it might be the reason why it’s turning off itself.

If this is the case, you need to update the firmware to the latest version to address the problem. We have a dedicated guide on how to update Vizio Smart TV; you can follow it to update the software.

Perform a Factory Reset

Now, there could also be a high chance of a bug triggering the smart TV to power itself off. This can happen when a new software update might have brought in a bug. In this case, performing a factory reset is the best solution to get it fixed. We have a guide that explains to you four different ways of performing a reset on your Vizio Smart TV. You can check it out over here.

Check for Faulty Power Supply

Now, even after performing all the above troubleshooting methods, your Vizio Smart TV still powers itself off automatically, so it is time for you to get the power supply unit at the back of the TV. For this, you will have to open up the back panel of the TV and disconnect the power supply.

If you can get a matching or similar power supply for your particular model Vizio Smart TV on either Amazon or, for that matter, even eBay, then purchase it. If you do not find anything, it is time to get yourself a new TV altogether and retire the old Vizio Smart TV.

Contact Vizio Support

If none of the methods listed in this article help you fix the issue, it’s time to contact the Vizio support team, as it’s a problem that needs professional help and can’t be fixed on our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does My Vizio TV Frequently Turning Off Itself?

Your Vizio smart TV can turn off itself due to various. It can be due to a bad power supply, overheating, a enabled sleep timer, outdated software, or others.

Q. How Do I Stop My Vizio TV From Turning Off Itself?

When your Vizio TV turns off itself, first check whether the sleep timer is enabled or not. If it’s enabled, disable it by selecting Quick Start under Power Mode settings. If that does not work, check out other troubleshooting methods listed above in the article.

Q. How Do I Power Cycle My Vizio TV?

You can simply power cycle your TV to fix issues like the TV not turning off, keeps turning off, and others. To do so, unplug the TV cord from the outlet and press the Power button on the remote for about 1 minute. Next, plug the cord into the TV.

These are some of the ways that you can follow to resolve the Vizio Smart TV turning itself off. Also, while you are at it, make sure that your TV’s power button on the remote isn’t jammed. Because if it is, it could be the source of the problem as to why your Vizio Smart TV seems to be turning itself off.

Have you ever had an issue like this with your Vizio TV? What methods did you follow and eventually work to fix this issue? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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