How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android Home Screen

If you are a cricket lover, you would love to keep yourself updated with the latest scores. Although, the best way to keep updated with latest cricket scores is watching it live. But it’s not always possible, as there are some moments when the matches are scheduled in the working hours. So, if you want to be updated with the live cricket scores while working, then you can pin the live score on your Android smartphone or tablet’s home screen and stay updated with the latest scores. Here’s how to pin live cricket scores on your Android home screen.

Google’s pin tracking feature now allow users to pin the live sports scores to their smartphone’s home screen. Fortunately, the feature is available for the Android users. So, if you own an Android smartphone and want to check latest cricket scores, then you can now pin the scores to your home screen.

Although, there are a number of news publishers and sports apps which are sending the match update notifications to the users, but it isn’t the best way to updated with the live scores. So, you can use the Google pin tracking feature to stay updated with latest cricket scores.

Now let’s dive right in to the process.

Pin Live Cricket Scores on Android Home Screen

Google’s pin tracking feature will create a floating bubble on your device, which will show you the latest scores of the match you want to see. It’s similar to the Facebook Messenger’s chat bubble. If you want to enable it on your smartphone, then I recommend you to update the Google app to its latest version for better experience.

Here’s how you can pin live cricket scores on your smartphone’s home screen.

  1. Open the Google App on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the search bar and enter the match’s name or sport event name.
    How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android home screen
  3. You can now see the search results on your smartphone, if there’s a live event happening, it will show you the match details along with the scores.
  4. Now you can tap on Pin Live Score button to enable the pin tracking bubble.
    How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android home screen
  5. It may be asked you to update your device settings, you can simply tap on open settings and then click on Google and enable Allow display over other apps.
  6. That’s it.

Now you can go back to your smartphone’s home screen and check the live cricket score, you can even work on other apps or do your things.

How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android home screen

You can move the floating live score bubble and drag it anywhere you want. Tapping the floating bubble will show you a little more information of the match. In case you want to check more details like scorecard, then you can tap on Stats, news, and more option, it will open the Google app with more details.

How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android home screen

If you like the Google pin tracking feature, then you can also enable it for the future matches, you can tap on Automatically Pin Future Games option and select your favorite team, once done, Google will automatically pin scores to your smartphone’s home screen.

How to Pin Live Cricket Scores on your Android home screen

One of the best things about this feature is, you can remove it anytime from your device’s home screen, simply tap and hold for a second, then move it to remove. That’s it.

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