How to Mark Messages on iMessage as Unread

If you are someone that uses Apple devices, then you already know how important these devices are, and moreover, the Apple ecosystem it builds you into. iMessage is one the most important feature as to why people prefer to stick to using Apple devices. Everyone that uses iMessage, knows how useful this instant messaging service is. Sure, the service has a ton of cool features that make it want to be used by people all the time. Today, we will be taking a look at how you can mark messages on iMessage as unread.

Why would you want to mark messages as unread in the first place? Well, many reasons. It could be possible that a few texts that you received are super important and their content needs your attention. Second, it could be possible that you haven’t been able to complete reading all the texts from the sender, so making them unread can be super useful. So, the big question here is, can you actually mark texts as unread on iMessage. Read on to know.

Mark Messages as Unread on iMessage?

Because iMessage is a service provided by Apple to all of its Apple devices only. Because it’s an Apple product, you would expect the service to have a Mark as Unread option, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Yes, iMessage does not have a feature where it allows you to make texts Unread. It is strange why such a popular Apple service does not have this simple feature. Well, there are a few ways you can follow.

Ask Siri To Remind You

Now, since there is no Mark as Unread option in iMessage, the one way you can kind of remind yourself to read about a particular text is by setting up a reminder. Given that Siri is a good Voice assistant on Apple devices, you can simply ask Siri to remind you about a particular message.

How to mark Messages on iMessage as Unread

All you need to do is call up Siri and ask her to remind you about the message in a particular time frame. 

Forward the Text To Yourself

Sometimes, there could be a possibility of receiving some texts that might be important or texts that you might later want to respond to. So, the best solution you can use is to forward the particular text to yourself.

  1. Open up the conversation that you want to mark as Unread.
  2. Now, tap on the message that was sent to you by the sender.
  3. A small menu with a number of options will now be displayed on your screen. All you need to do is tap on the More option.
    How to mark Messages on iMessage as Unread
  4. Next, tap on the Arrow or Forward icon that you see on the screen.
    How to mark Messages on iMessage as Unread
  5. Here you will simply have to enter either your name or contact number.
  6. When your contact shows up, tap on it,
  7. The text has now been forwarded to you.
  8. Now, do not open the conversation to where you have sent the text.
  9. Because the conversation will now be marked as unread. So, that you can read the messages as and when you wish to do so.


And there you have it. Two simple ways that you can follow to kind of make texts in iMessages as Unread. The other way that you can follow is by installing a few Cydia Tweaks, but that will require you to jailbreak your iOS device. But yeah, this is the only way you can mark unread texts. Let’s hope and see when iMessages will actually get the Unread feature baked into it without having to jump through various hoops.

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