How to Manage iPhone Data and Transfer to Computer on Spring Clean Day

Here it is, the best way to manage iPhones data and remove junk files on Spring clean day. Yes, we have iTunes for managing iPhones but it comes with a lot of limitations and you don’t get the liberty to transfer unlimited data with ease. Well, here we managed to find the best iPhone manager called AnyTrans which allows us to transfer iPhone data to computer and manage different types of files on iPhones.

Many users want to clean their devices by removing unused files. And what could be a better time to clean then the Spring clean day. Not just in Spring, we should clean our iPhones regularly to keep our iPhones fast and secure. You have nothing much to do because AnyTrans got you covered. Yes, it let you easily filter the unnecessary files with its advanced iPhone manager.

By the way, if you are looking for a better iTunes Alternative then most experts will recommend you AnyTrans, and also this will be my pick. In case if you are thinking ‘Why’ then we will clear out your doubt below.

Managing iPhone’s data is not all about transferring files, but its also about Device cleanup, Device backup, Restore backups, Migrate data, Sync files and data, and some other tasks. And if we talk about iTunes then it can’t let you do all these tasks and also there are many drawbacks of iTunes. So this is where AnyTrans comes into play. It is an advanced iDevice manager with an unlimited transfer rate and multiple features. AnyTrans is a powerful software with simple UI on top for better user experience. Let’s see why AnyTrans is better than iTunes and other iPhone Managers.

AnyTrans Features

Fast & Easy Data Transfer – We can transfer data from iPhone to the computer or vice versa using any iPhone Manager. But the advantage of using AnyTrans is its speed, yes it allows us to transfer data at high speed. We can also drag and drop files for transfer and it makes the data transfer process very easy. How to Manage iPhone Data

Backup Manager – For most iPhone users backing up their data is a daily task. And I didn’t find any better software than AnyTrans for this purpose. With a feature called Air Backup users can easily backup their data daily by just connecting iPhone and Computer to the same network. Obviously the tool has the normal Backup and Restore option along with this extra Air Backup feature. How to Manage iPhone Data

Phone Switcher – AnyTrans allows us to easily switch from one device to another device. It doesn’t matter you are on Android and switching to iOS, it works either way. You can also easily transfer data directly from iCloud to your iPhone. This AnyTrans feature comes in handy when you bought a new phone and want to transfer all data from old to new iPhone. How to Manage iPhone Data

Screen Mirroring – Many content creators, developers, and designers like to perform multiple tasks on one big screen. And here comes the role of screen mirroring, it allows us to display our iPhone screen to our computer either macOS or Windows. How to Manage iPhone Data

Other AnyTrans features:

  • App Management
  • Clone iPhone
  • iCloud Explorer
  • Media Downloader
  • iTunes Library
  • Ringtone Maker and lot more…..

Manage iPhone Data & Transfer to Computer on Spring Clean Day

To perform Spring Clean on your iPhone you need to make sure iPhone Data is secure and backed up. But here we will share a method that will let you do both, Spring clean and transfer iPhone data to computer at the same time. So let’s begin the guide.

  1. At first download the AnyTrans for iOS software for your computer and install it.
  2. Now connect your iPhone for spring clean and make sure to unlock it.
  3. Run the AnyTrans for iOS software on your computer and it will detect your iPhone. Probably it will ask to trust the device so click on trust. How to Manage iPhone Data
  4. In Device Manager tab you will see an option ‘Content to Mac‘ or ‘Content to PC‘, click on this option. How to Manage iPhone Data
  5. Now it will list out all the iPhone files in different categories. Now select the data folders that you want to keep and don’t select that you want to erase. Like if you want to only transfer photos from iPhone to Computer then only select Photos.How to Manage iPhone Data
  6. After selecting categories click on the Next button. Make sure to remember the Export Path.
  7. It will start transferring the files that you selected, so let it run and don’t disconnect the device.
  8. After cleaning up your device and transferring all the files to the computer, it will show the ‘Transfer Completed‘ message.

So now you have removed all the unnecessary files or junk files from your iPhone. After Spring clean, you can now transfer the data back to your phone using AnyTrans. Go through the below steps:

  1. Open AnyTrans for iOS on your computer and connect your iPhone.
  2. Wait for few seconds and let it load the device data that you can see below the device image in the Device Manager tab.
  3. Then it will show an option ‘+Add Content to Device‘, click on this option. How to Manage iPhone Data
  4. Now locate the files and wait for the transfer process.

That’s it now you got all the important files back to your iPhone. So you can imagine how you can simply Spring Clean your iPhone with AnyTrans software.

So there you have it, the guide on how to manage iPhones data and transfer to the computer using AnyTrans. Let us know about your experience with AnyTrans for Spring Clean and managing iPhone data.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article by Anytrans, but we don’t get any commission from sales.

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