How to Make Volume Louder on Vizio TV [7 Ways]

When looking for a new TV, consumers generally look for three main factors. Its price, video output quality, and its features. Sure, these are important deciding factors when purchasing a new TV. But, there is always one particular factor that people leave out most of the time and that is the audio output of the TV. In all fairness, people tend to connect their TV to either a soundbar or a home theater sound system.

There however are times when you might notice that your TV’s audio output suddenly seems to feel low or quiet. This is an issue that a lot of owners of Vizio TVs have been talking about for a long time. In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at different solutions that you can follow to improve the audio and make your Vizio TV louder.

There are a number of ways you can follow to try to make your Vizio TV louder. Let’s take a look at the various ways.

Check the Connected Device’s Audio Levels

If you feel that even after cranking up your Vizio TVs’ volume it doesn’t feel louder, you might have to check the audio level on the devices that are plugged in or connected to the Vizio TV. Whether it’s a DVR, Set-top box, Streaming Stick, Blu-ray Players, or anything else, you might want to check the audio levels and settings for the connected device. These devices come with their own remotes. So, taking a gander at the audio settings should normally sort out and fix any low-volume audio issues.

Check Connected Devices Audio Cables

Some of these devices that you connect to the Vizio TV might require you to connect separate audio cables to the back of the Vizio TV. it is advisable to check the audio cables for any damages or cuts. At the same time, it’s advisable to check if the cables have been firmly plugged into the right input out of your TV and the right output ports of your connected device.

If the cables are worn out and damaged it is advisable to get them replaced right away. Also, it will be worth noting here that sometimes the audio levels might be set to a certain level so that no matter how much you increase the volume, it doesn’t get loud. In this matter, it would be advisable to get media that has been recorded or mastered at higher audio quality.

Adjust Volume Settings on Vizio TV

Apart from just meddling with the volume controls to either increase or decrease the audio, some variants and models of the Vizio Smart TV lineup have additional audio settings. Named SRS TruSurround or DTS TruSurround, you might have to disable the settings in order to make your Vizio TV sound louder.

Disable SRS/DTS TruSurround

  • Grab the TV Remote and press the Menu button to open up your TV’s Menu.
  • Navigate and select the Audio Settings page.
  • Choose Advanced Audio settings.
  • Now select the DTS or SRS TruSurround option and choose Off.
  • Your Vizio TV should now sound louder when you crank up the volume.

Connect A Soundbar

Even if after making adjustments to the audio you arent satisfied with the audio output, you might as well get yourself a home theater or soundbar setup. Vizio itself manufactures a good number of soundbars that you can use to connect to your Vizio TV via the HDMI ARC port paired with a good sound system, you will be able to turn the sound of your Vizio TV a bit louder.

Perform a Soft Reset

Now, we aren’t going to talk about simply increasing the volume level of your Vizio TV as it clearly is not giving you the right audio output. So, a soft reset is a good way to clear the TV’s RAM and even get rid of any bugs that might have cropped up whether they have a major or a minor effect. To soft reset, your TV, simply unplug the TV from its power source and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes.

Once the 3 to 5-minute timer has crossed, plug the TV back in and check if your Tvs volume has fixed itself or not. if it has, well and good. If it has, you can consider trying the other methods mentioned below.

Factory Reset your Vizio Smart TV

If adjusting the audio settings doesn’t work, you might be better off performing a factory reset. Factory resetting your Vizio TV will clear off all sorts of data. Whether the apps are installed or custom settings are made, you will lose all of it. Depending on what kind of Vizo TV you have, you can follow through our dedicated guide on how to perform a factory reset on a Vizio Smart TV.

Send the TV for Servicing

The last resort to getting things sorted out is to simply get your Vizio checked by the service center. There could either be issues with your Tv’s motherboard or the speaker unit itself. It is advisable to get these items checked if and only if you have a warranty on your TV. or else, simply get yourself a good sound system and you should be fine with the increase in TV volume from your Vizio Smart TV.


These are the troubleshooting methods and steps that you need to follow to improve and make the sound louder on your Vizio Smart TV. Have you tried to make the sound on your Vizio Smart TV louder? If so, what steps did you follow? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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  1. I just got my Vizio smart tv and the sound was erratic and mostly low, I tried turning on the volume leveling setting and it made the sound even as well as loud, so try that too. I avoiyit initially because I thought it would be going up and down at random, but so far so good.


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