How to link myQ with Google Assistant [Guide]

Home automation is rapidly growing. Gone are the days when a home would just be a regular home. Thanks to a ton of IoT devices, you can make your home into a smart home. With devices such as smart bulbs, smart speakers, and several devices that you can now communicate and monitor through Wi-Fi. With many parts of the house getting automated and being controlled right away from your mobile device, the need for a seamless integration is also a must. Take the myQ smart garage door opener which can be operated from your phone using Google Assistant. Read on to know how to link myQ with Google Assistant.

Everyone is fed up with people who steal delivery packages from your doorstep. And with an automated garage door opener paired with Google Assistant, you can always have the packages to be delivered into your garage. Thanks to many smart devices for your garage, you can easily make use of them and even control them with your voice. Let’s take a look at how you can link your myQ device to Google Assistant and control it through various devices using voice commands.

How to link myQ with Google Assistant

Before we get started on knowing how to link your myQ device to the Google Assistant, do remember that to use the voice features to control your garage you will have to purchase the myQ monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription will cost you $1 and the yearly subscription will cost you $10.

Activate myQ Google Assistant Subscription

  • Head over to the myQ services page from your PC or cell phone.
  • Login in with your myQ account.
  • Once logged in, you can now add a subscription plan to your account. Choose the monthly or yearly plan and purchase it.
  • With the myQ Google Assistant subscription plan activated, now let’s take a look at setting up myQ with your Google Assistant.

Link myQ to Google Assistant

For linking to the Google Assistant, you can download myQ app and then grant the Google Assistant permission. In case you want to do the same without without myQ app, you can follow below steps.

  • Open the Google app or Google Assistant directly and tap on the Explore icon that will be sitting at the bottom of the app.
  • Now, type in myQ in the search bar and select it right away.
  • When you have selected it tap on the Link button and scroll over to the Account Linking option.
    How to link myq with google assistant
  • You now get the myQ authentication page where you will have to sign in with the credentials of the account that has the monthly or yearly subscription plan.
  • With the login successful, you can now common your myQ device using the Google Assistant via your phone, Google Mini, or any Google smart speaker.

Google Assistant Commands for the myQ Device

With the myQ device linked to your Google Assistant, you can now use these commands to control your myQ garage door opener.

  • OK Google, ask myQ to open the garage door.
  • OK Google, ask myQ to close the garage door.
  • OK Google, ask myQ if the garage door is open.


And this is how you can use Google Assistant to control your myQ Garage door opener. While the myQ Google Assistant subscription is currently available for free, do you think it would be viable to pay for a voice command service that should have been added while you purchased the device? Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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